Chapter Quotes Edit

Paralogue: Foreign Land and Sky Edit

Taking Damage

  • "I am being attacked, but I will not be losing!"
  • "My life is endangered! I must keep alive!"

Versus Hubert (Non-Crimson Flower Route)

  • Hubert: So, Princess of Brigid. Now we see where your loyalties truly lie. This, after we spared your life in return for naught but your fealty. How ungrateful.
  • Petra: Ten years have been passed. The Empire has been changed, just as Brigid has!

Death Quote

  • Petra: Professor... Please, convey to my grandfather...that I am without regret...
  • Bernadetta: Petra?! Petra, no! Don't leave us!

Battle Ends

  • Petra: It is done! Now, I can be meeting my grandfather. We must be moving with haste!
  • Bernadetta: Finally over? Phew! All right, let's get out of here! This isn't exactly, um, the ideal environment for a recluse, you know.
  • Petra: I will be speaking with my grandfather. Once he is convinced, I will be returning. Professor, everyone, please be waiting here. Enemies may still be nearby.
  • Bernadetta: Got it. We'll wait right here. And if anyone comes, um, the professor will handle it! Right, Professor?

Garreg Mach Monastery Edit

Choir Practice Edit

  • "Learning these things gives me great difficult...difficulty."

Cooking Edit

  • "It is necessary to be having fresh ingredients for cooking. One day, I will be showing you cooking from my homeland."

Dining Hall Edit

  • "Eating with friends is warming for the heart."
  • "I would be liking that greatly!" (Favorite dish)
  • "The food of Fódlan has...great strangeness." (Disliked dish)

With Edelgard Edit

No Support

  • Edelgard: Do you miss the food of your homeland, Petra? I wish there was a way to get some for you.
  • Petra: I have gratitude for your kindness. But it is OK. I am liking the food of Fódlan.

B Support

  • Petra: Food of the palace is extravagant, but food of the battlefield is very plain. Are you finding it difficult to be adjusting?
  • Edelgard: Heh, no! It is not so bad. In all honesty, I have had to eat much worse food in the past.

With Ferdinand Edit

  • Petra: "I am of the royal family, but I am a warrior before that. I must fight to live and to protect my home."

Recruitment Edit

Requirements Not Met

  • "Training has given me great busyness right now. It is not a good time for the chatting. have given me intrigue. Please make sure you are speaking with me again."

Requirements Met

  • "I am spending my days with devotion to my studies. There is something I think of when looking at you... I am feeling that the way you are teaching would give me great benefit. Is it possible to be switching to your class? I would like to be requesting that of you..."
    • Invite to join your class: "I have so much gratitude! I am still without... still not used to the speaking of your language. But I have full comprehension. Please, Professor... Teach me all of the things you know!"
    • Decline to invite: "I have understanding. I was knowing that it was without possibility. I have sadness, but I will keep giving full devotion to my studies in my current class."

Gift Edit

  • "If you are wanting, I will be accepting..." (Disliked gift)
  • "You have my thanks." (Liked gift)
  • "This is giving me great joy!" (Favorite gift)

Lost Items Edit

  • "I had lost the place of this!"
  • "This is not belonging to me. I hope you are finding its owner soon."

Tea Party Edit

  • "You have my thanks for giving me your spare time."

Favorite Tea

  • "This tea is smelling wonderful! Mmm, it is my favorite for drinking." (Favourite tea: Four-Spice Blend and Ginger Tea)
  • "This tea has a high price! I am happy to be drinking it, but I am wondering why you would be paying so much..." (Five star tea)

Voice lines

  • "I have gratitude."
  • "Delicious!"
  • "Yes"
  • "It's needing sweetness"
  • "(Laughter)"
  • "I am in agreement"
  • "I am not in agreement"
  • "What?"
  • "Perfect temperature"

Introducing Own Topic

  • "The ocean is far from Garreg Mach... I am feeling a bit lonely at times."
  • "If you are having problems, I am happy to be listening."
  • "Next I will be studying, training, researching, sparring… I am having a lot to do!"
  • "You are not remembering where your homeland is? I am thinking that is strange…"
  • "One day I am wanting to show you the wonderful land of Brigid and its abundant nature."
  • "It gives me great pleasure to be speaking with you like this."
  • "In Enbarr, I was a hostage. I was spending much time locked away. Books gave me great comfort."
  • "I am requiring much sleep to be staying alert. At least a quarter of each day."
  • "You are working with much...diligence. I am admiring you."


  • "Do you have curiosity about my mark?"
  • "This style of braiding has been passing...has been passed down through my family."


  • "I will be waiting happily for you to be inviting me again."

Tutoring Edit

Instruct Edit

  • Bad: "I do not have enough understanding..."
    • Critique: "I did not have success. Please, be guiding me."
    • Console: "I would like to be having more guidance, please."
  • Great: "Your guidance was greatly useful!"
  • Great: "I work to grow."
  • Perfect: "I have understanding."
    • Praise: "You are giving me praise? I will get more soon!"

Post-Timeskip only

  • Great: "You have my thanks for your support."

Group Tasks Edit

With Edelgard Edit
  • Petra: I will not be a burden. I will be doing my best for Lady Edelgard!
  • Edelgard: Don't worry, Petra. There is no use in fearing failure. It is my duty to help others when necessary.

Stable Duty Edit

Weeding Edit

Clearing Rubble Edit

Sky Watch Edit

  • "With you, we will have no troubles."
  • "We will be doing the best."
  • "We will have great success!"

Results Edit

  • Perfect
    • "We had a great result!"
  • Good
    • "I am having a report, Professor."
With Edelgard Edit
  • Good
    • Petra: I have sorrow, Lady Edelgard. We did not achieve a good result.
    • Edelgard: Worry not, Petra. At least we completed our task.

Goal Change Edit

  • "People are calling me a Theif, but I would never be doing bad things. It is because I am moving very quickly without my enemies noticing. This is why I must be learning the bow and sword." (Thief with a heart of gold goal request)
  • "There are no wyverns in Brigid, but I am wanting practice soaring in the sky. I would like to be training my axe skills as well. I have excitement for being a Wyvern Rider!" (Taming unfamiliar beasts goal request)

Certification Exams Edit

  • "I have success!" (passed)
  • "I have regret..." (failed)


  • "I have success!" (passed)
  • "I have regret..." (failed)

Level Up Edit

  • "Disappointing, but I will not misplace my heart." (0 to 2 stats up)
  • "I am greater now." (3 stats up)
  • "Hard work created this." (4 stats up)
  • "War feeds my body and mind." (3 to 7 stats up)
  • "A limit? I will not be accepting of this!" (Upon reaching Level 99)


  • "No matter what, I will not misplace my heart." (0 to 2 stats up)
  • "War fuels my body and mind." (4 stats up)
  • "Hard work is a friend to count on." (3 to 7 stats up)
  • "For Brigid, I find strength to carry on." (3 to 7 stats up)
  • "If this is the top, I will find a new top." (Upon reaching Level 99)

Skill Level Up Edit

New skill

  • "I am closing in on expertise."
  • "One step before the next step."
  • "I work to grow."


  • "I have much expertise now."
  • "One step before the next step."
  • "I work to grow."

Skill Mastered Edit

  • "My understanding has completion!"


  • "My understanding is complete."

Class Quotes Edit

Class Mastered Edit

  • "My understanding has completion!"


  • "My understanding is complete."

Reclassing Edit

  • "Fódlan garb is not usual..."
  • "A new feeling... I will learn again."
  • "This is a way for getting more power."


  • "A new challenge that will be overcome.
  • "I am now closer to my goal."
  • "This is a way to get more power.

Battle Quotes Edit

When Selected Edit

  • "I will get the victory." (Full/High HP)
  • "Caution is needed." (Medium HP)
  • "My limit is nearby." (Low HP)


  • "I will prevail." (Full/High Health)
  • "Caution is needed." (Medium Health)
  • "I'm nearing my limit." (Low Health)

Enemy Deals 1 or No Damage or MissesEdit

  • "No use!"
  • ""


  • ""
  • ""

Critical AttackEdit

  • "I will remove you!"
  • "You will be slapped down!"
  • "I am aware of your weakness!"
  • "I will win!"


  • "With all of my might!"
  • "You are in my way!"
  • "Fire meets water!"
  • "To survive, I will win!"

Gambit Edit

  • "I created a plan."
  • "I will use the strategy!"
  • "Here it goes!"


  • "I have a plan!"
  • "I have a strategy!"
  • "Here it goes!"

Gambit BoostEdit

  • "An ambitious plan."
  • "I will help also."
  • "I am your resoure."


  • "I will help too."
  • "An ambitious plan."
  • "I am here for you."

Triangle AttackEdit

  • "Attack with each other!"
  • "The attack has been ordered!"
  • "Together! This moment!"


  • "Attack together!"
  • "On my order!"
  • "Together! Now!"

Defeated EnemyEdit

  • "I will not be stopping."
  • "My heart is full of victory."
  • "One more success."
  • "Flame Spirit, protect me."
  • "Witness Brigid pride!"
  • "Victory received."


  • "Each battle, a victory."
  • "My heart burns with pride!"
  • "I fight for justice's name!"
  • "Not for myself, for everyone."
  • "Witness Brigid pride!"
  • "Flame Spirit, protect me."

Ally Defeats Enemy Edit

  • "Your skills are impressive."
  • "I will learn of such things."
  • "Admiration!"


  • "I admired you."
  • "Your impresive."
  • "I aspire to emulate you."

Ally Heals/Rallies Edit

  • "I thank you."
  • "You inspire."
  • "Appreciated."


  • "Thank you."
  • "Appreciated."
  • "Inspiring."

Death/Retreat Quote Edit

“I did not grab the victory. I must retreat now.”
—Petra's retreat quote. (casual)
“I will not be dying here. I will retreat now.”
—Petra's retreat quote. (casual, war phase)
“My dreams and pride...lost. Must I die on foreign soil?”
—Petra's death quote. (classic)
“Edelgard... I will not be keeping my promise... Give me forgiveness, please...”
—Petra's death quote in Azure Moon Chapter 21/Verdant Wind Chapter 20
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