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The Phantom (亡霊戦士 Bōrei senshi, lit. Spirit Warriors) is a Monster class that is introduced in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. Brought into existence by the use of the Summon command that is unique to the Summoner and Necromancer classes, Phantoms wield Axes as their sole weapon of choice.



Phantoms are locked at 1 HP, 0 Defense and 0 Resistance, and will thus instantly perish when an enemy unit lands a successful hit on them. Only one active Phantom can be summoned at any one given time, and the level that Phantoms assume is dependent on the level of their summoner. Owing to the fact that they are ethereal beings with no solid, tangible forms, Phantoms are thus not hampered by water-based and mountainous terrain, alongside not being affected by terrain bonuses.

As Phantoms cannot trade with other units, they will retain hold over any looted equipment and items. Should they be killed or the skirmish in question is completed, the looted objects claimed by them will follow suit and perish.

As Phantoms have only 1 HP and are instantly felled when struck, all enemies within range will almost always target them. Given this fact, Phantoms can be effectively used to save vulnerable units or lure enemies into carefully contrived traps. Higher levelled Phantoms are also capable of killing many enemies, especially if they are equipped with a Killer Axe.


Base Stats[]

FE815-24000511-Axe.gif C

Maximum Stats[]

FE8120-202030001520-Axe.gif A

Growth Rates[]