Plumeria is a character from Book IV of Fire Emblem Heroes. She is a Dökkálfar from Dökkálfheimr.


Debuting in Book IV Chapter 3, Plumeria first appears to the Order of Heroes, introducing herself as the dökkálfar of lewd dreams. While she tried to oppose the group, she is defeated, lamenting how disgusting she views the humans to be while supposing she should bring Triandra with her for the next battle.

In Chapter 4, she and Triandra discuss their plan, with Plumeria hoping Lady Freyja will be pleased with their work. As they talk though, she mentions that she doesn't find Ljósálfheimr to be as bad a place as she figured, while still feeling disgusted at the very thoughts of humans she draws power from. When Triandra mentions she and Peony are opposites, Plumeria finds that to be perfectly normal.

Later on in the chapter, while the Order of Heroes is away, she arrives with Triandra to kidnap Freyr from his palace.

In Chapter 6, she arrives with Triandra in Midgard, specifically in Askr. While Plumeria continues to feel disgusted with the humans of the realm, she hopes to fulfill Freyja's wishes and return to Dökkálfheimr as quickly as possible. However, while doing so, Plumeria is confused by how she finds the landscape familiar, like she has been there before. Despite this, she shakes it off, believing it to be nothing important.

In Chapter 8, upon the Order of Heroes entering Dökkálfheimr, she captures all of them in her Lewd Dream, playing upon human desires of love and wanting to be loved. However, despite the Order being affected by her dream, she is defeated, vowing to return once she recovers.

As the Order approaches Freyr's location, Plumeria once again appears to stop them. Peony once again wishes for them to stop spreading bad dreams, only for Plumeria to reply that bad dreams is why dökkálfar exist.

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Following the battle, she is once again defeated and forced to retreat, while also hearing the strange voice of a young girl. Eventually, Freyja appears to heal her wounds.

When Plumeria tells Freyja about the young girl's voice, it's revealed that the girl's voice is Plumeria herself, and that she was born a human girl. However, her father didn't love either her or her mother, and her mother in turn threw her away by putting her at the bottom of a well. The cries were Plumeria herself pleading for her mother to come back for her. At some point Freyja found Plumeria and gave her some of the dream nectar, and had her become a dökkálfar.

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Lewd Dream.
A jaded dökkálfar from Dökkálfheimr, the realm of nightmares. She delivers salacious dreams to mortals. Though she would wish to do away with all cloying mortal desires, she cannot.

Base StatsEdit

Lewd Dream
Heroes Flying Flying
FEH skill offense Flower of PlentyFEH Fire Tome Tome


FEH skill offenseFlower of Plenty-FEH Star Rarity 5-
FEH skill supportDance---
Sweet Dreams-FEH Star Rarity 5-


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Non-Canon AppearancesEdit

Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher)Edit

Plumeria is illustrated in the trading card game Fire Emblem Cipher with the following cards:


Plumeria are a flowering tree that grows in many places around the world. While it has many symbolic meanings, in Southeast Asian countries like the Philippines or Indonesia, the flower is associated with ghosts and cemeteries.


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