The Priestess (神官, Shinkan lit. Priest) is a female-exclusive class that first appeared in Fire Emblem Gaiden.


The Gaiden/Echoes version of the Priestess class comes in two different forms. One version serves as the promotion for all female Mages while the other is Celica's personal starting class. Both versions of the class share the ability to wield Black Magic, White Magic, and Swords. Because of their ability to use both Magic and Swords, they are the sole class, aside from Celica's unique promotions, to have true offensive diversity, able to exploit both defensive stats when needed. The Priestess class comes with flat 50% base growths in Strength, Skill, and, Speed. In the original Gaiden, HP base growths were 100%, while they were raised to 120% in Echoes. Echoes gave slight differentiations between Celica's Priestess and the promotion version, with Celica having 50% Defense investments at the cost of a 0% addition to Resistance growths, while the Promotion version gives 15% to Resistance and 35% to Defense instead.

Celica's version reappears in Fire Emblem Warriors as an infantry unit, wielding Staffs instead of White or Black magic.


Base StatsEdit

FE1532-12890664--Echoes sword weapon type iconEchoes black magic weapon type iconEchoes white magic weapon type icon
FE15 (Celica)24-5110104--Echoes sword weapon type iconEchoes black magic weapon type iconEchoes white magic weapon type icon

Growth RatesEdit

FE15 (Celica)120%50%-50%50%0%50%0%----


Base ClassPromotion MethodPromoted Class
FE2FE2 Mage Female Map IconMageVisit the Shrine after reaching Level 20.FE2 Celica Map IconPriestess
FE2 (Celica)FE2 Celica Map IconPriestessAutomatic in Chapter 3.FE2 Celica Map IconPrincess
FE15MageVisit the Shrine after reaching Level 14.Priestess
FE15 PriestessVisit the Altar of the Sorceress after reaching Level 20.Morgana map spriteEnchantress
FE15 (Celica)Celica Priestess Echoes map spritePriestessAutomatic in Chapter 3.Celica Princess Map SpritePrincess
FEWWarriors Celica sprite
Use a Master Seal FE13 IconMaster Seal on CelicaWarriors Celica sprite

Notable PriestessesEdit

Fire Emblem Gaiden/Echoes: Shadows of ValentiaEdit


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