Princess (プリンセス Purinsesu) is a recurrent combat physical class that debuts in Fire Emblem Gaiden, and is commonly the class assigned to female members of royalty.

History in the SeriesEdit

In its original inception in Gaiden, the Princess class is the promoted form of the Priestess class, and is exclusive to Celica, one of the game's two main protagonists. This version of the class is capable of wielding Swords, Black Magic and White Magic as its weapons of choice.

In Genealogy of the Holy War, the Princess class is exclusive to Lachesis, wielding Swords and Staves as its equipment of choice. Originally playing the primary role of a support class through healing Staves, the class, much like its male counterpart, truly shines when promoted into the formidable Master Knight class.

In TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga, the Princess class is basically the dismounted Pegasus Knight class (sharing nearly the same base and max stats), exclusive to Sasha among the playable characters. This particular incarnation of the class functions similarly to the Trainee classes introduced in The Sacred Stones, having generally low stats and movement. It can promote into the Pegasus Knight class using the unique ☆Pegasus Flute item.

The class returns in Fire Emblem Warriors, again acting as Celica's promoted form. In this game, it is a clone of Marth's Lodestar class, with the added benefit of being able to use Staffs.


Base StatsEdit

HP Str MagSkl SpdLck DefRes Mov ConWt.Wp.Rank
FE2 365-110104--Sword, Black, White
FE4 2657580576--FE4 Sword B FE4 Staff C
TS 18202302-4--TS Sword 2
FE15 3213-10120684--Echoes sword weapon type iconEchoes black magic weapon type iconEchoes white magic weapon type icon

Maximum StatsEdit

HP Str MagSkl SpdLck DefRes Mov ConWt.Wp.Rank
FE2 5240-40404040404--Sword, Black, White
FE4 80202220233020226--FE4 Sword B FE4 Staff C
TS 60181517193017-12--TS Sword 17
FE15 5242-40403939404--Echoes sword weapon type iconEchoes black magic weapon type iconEchoes white magic weapon type icon
FEW 9341191191321321441071075--FEW Sword S FEW Staff


Base Class Promotion Method Promoted Class(es)
FE2 FE2 Celica Map IconPriestessAutomatically in Chapter 3.FE2 Celica Map IconPrincess
FE4 FE4 Princess SpritePrincessChoose the "Class Change" option in the Home Castle when the relevant unit reaches Level 20.FE4 Master Knight Sprite (F)Master Knight
TS PrincessPrincessUse a Dragon Flute☆Pegasus Flute.PegknightPegasus Knight
FE15 Celica Priestess Echoes map spritePriestessAutomatically in Chapter 3.Celica Princess Map SpritePrincess
FE15 Celica Princess Map SpritePrincess Visit the Altar of the Queen when the relevant unit reaches Level 20. Celica Maeve map spriteRigain
FEW Warriors Celica sprite
Use a Master Seal FE13 IconMaster Seal on CelicaWarriors Celica sprite

Notable PrincessesEdit


Genealogy of the Holy WarEdit

TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes SagaEdit

Trivia Edit

  • In TearRing Saga's internal data Princess's promotion is linked to the class itself instead of the individual character in the class. For example, if Estofarne is made playable with cheat devices, she can advance to Pegasus Knight with the flute. Princess is the only class in Tearring Saga with this distinction.


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