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Princess of Horror is Eleonora Yumizuru's second side story in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE.


Eleonora invites Itsuki to watch a horror movie with her, as she needs help adjusting to her new role on "Dandelion in Love": Kuen had been brought on to direct and was remaking the romance show into a horror, with Eleonora's character being killed off. Unfortunately, while watching the movie, the audience's reactions make it hard for her to focus, so she opts to go to the Illusory Studio and face scary Mirages per Virion's suggestion.

After facing off against a group of Regans, including a trio of powerful Regans called Blairs, Eleonora learns how to be brave in the face of fear, causing her Performa to awaken, though Itsuki points out she was supposed to learn how to be scared, much to her embarrassment. After performing Radiant Unity, Virion laments that Ellie is still a tomboy, having hoped her role would help shape her into a proper lady. It is then revealed that Eleonora was able to convince Kuen to rework the show into "Horror Hunter Angel", a monster-hunting show with Ellie as the star (her mixed heritage made a good fit for the main character's demon heritage). Afterwards, she explains to Itsuki that the reason she strives for Hollywood is so that she could have a place to belong, as her heritage makes her a bit of an outsider to most. Shortly after this, however, Kuen arrives at Fortuna Entertainment to announce his plans to take Ellie with him to Hollywood, shocking them both.

Completing this side story unlocks Eleonora's Special Performance Horror Hunter Angel, based on the new show she stars in.