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Promotional Items are items that cause promotions for units that are at least level 10. In most games (except in Gaiden, Genealogy of the Holy War and the Tellius series) they are required to promote a first tier unit to a second tier unit. They are still present however in the Tellius series in case the player wants a unit to promote before level 21. In the Japanese version of Radiant Dawn they are required to promote a second tier unit to a third tier unit.

Item Class Promotions Games
Hero Proof (FE3).pngTRSHeroProof.gifHerocrest.gif
Hero Crest
Sword and axe users MercenaryHero (FE1/3/TS/6/7/8)
MyrmidonSwordmaster (TS/FE6/7/8)
FighterWarrior (TS/FE6/7/8)
Bow FighterBow Master (TS)
Pirate/BrigandBerserker (FE6)
Mercenary→Ranger (FE8)
Myrmidon→Assassin (FE8)
Fighter→Hero (FE8)
FE1, FE3, TS, FE6, FE7, FE8
Knight Crest (FE3).pngTRSKnightProof.gifKnightcrest.gif
Knight Crest
Armored and mounted units

CavalierPaladin (FE1/3/TS/6/7/8)
KnightGeneral (FE3/TS/6/7/8)
Cavalier→Commando Knight/Gold Knight/Black Knight (TS)
Lady KnightArrow Knight (TS)
Axe Knight/Spear KnightSergeant (TS)
Knight→Iron Knight (TS)
HorsemanMamluke (TS)
Cavalier/Knight→Great Knight (FE8)

FE1, FE3, TS, FE6, FE7, FE8
FE3 Orion's Bolt.pngOrionsbolt.gif
Orion's Bolt
Ranged units ArcherSniper (FE1/3/6/7/8)
HunterHorseman (FE3)
NomadNomadic Trooper (FE6/7)
Archer→Ranger (FE8)
FE1, FE3, FE6, FE7, FE8
Bishop Ring (FE3).pngGuidingring.gif
Guiding Ring
Magic and staff users MageBishop (FE1/3)
Priest→Bishop (FE1/3/6/7/8)
Mage→Sage (TS/FE6/7/8)
ShamanDruid (FE6/7/8)
TroubadourValkyrie (FE6/7/8)
Cleric/Monk→Bishop (FE7/8)
Priest/Monk→Sage (FE8)
Mage/Troubadour→Mage Knight (FE8)
Cleric→Valkyrie (FE8)
Shaman→Summoner (FE8)
FE1, FE3, FE6, FE7, FE8
Saint Proof
Dragon Flute.gif
☆Pegasus Flute
Princess Princess→Pegasus Knight TS
Dragon Whip (FE3).pngElysianwhip.gifFE11elysianwhip.png
Elysian/Dragon Whip
Flying mounted units Pegasus Knight→Dracoknight (FE1/3/TS)
Pegasus KnightFalcon Knight (FE6/7/8/11/12)
Wyvern RiderWyvern Lord (FE6/7/8)
Pegasus Knight/Wyvern Rider →Wyvern Knight (FE8)
FE1, FE3, FE6, FE7, FE8, FE11, FE12
Dragon Flute.gif
Dragon Flute
Earthseal.gifMaster seal.gifFE9masterseal.gifFE11masterseal.pngMaster Seal FE13 Icon.pngFE16 Seal Icon.png
Master/Earth Seal
All but Lords (with some exceptions) FighterHero (FE5/8/13/14)
Lance KnightDuke Knight (FE5)
Bow FighterSniper (FE5)
BrigandWarrior (FE5/8)
ThiefThief Fighter (FE5)
PriestHigh Priest (FE5)
Axe KnightGreat Knight/Axe Paladin (FE5/10)
Myrmidon→Hero (FE5)
Free KnightRanger (FE5)
Pegasus RiderPegasus Knight (FE5)
Armor AxeGeneral (FE5)
MageSage (FE5/7/8/9/11/12/13/14)
TroubadourPaladin (FE5)
Myrmidon→Swordmaster (FE5/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14)
Cavalier→Paladin (FE5/7/8/11/12/13/14)
Arch KnightBow Knight (FE5)
Loptyrian MageDark Mage (FE5)

Dancer→Thief Fighter (FE5)
Dragon RiderDracoknight (FE5)
Bard→Sage (FE5)
Sister→Sage (FE5)
Mage→Mage Knight (FE5/8)
Pegasus Knight→Falcon Knight (FE7/8/13/14)
Archer→Sniper (FE7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14)
Fighter→Warrior (FE7/8/9/10/11/12/13)
ClericBishop (FE7/8)
NomadNomadic Trooper (FE7)
Monk→Bishop (FE7/8)
Knight→General (FE7/8/9/11/12/13/14)
Troubadour→Valkyrie (FE7/8/13/14)
Mercenary→Hero (FE7/8/11/12/13/14)
ShamanDruid (FE7/8)
Wyvern RiderWyvern Lord (FE7/8/9/10/13/14)
Cavalier/Knight→Great Knight (FE8/13/14)
Pegasus Knight/Wyvern Rider→Wyvern Knight (FE8)
Priest→Bishop (FE8/9/10/11/12)
Priest→Sage (FE8/13/14)
Pirate→Warrior/Berserker (FE8)
Archer/Mercenary→Ranger (FE8)
Thief→Assassin (FE8/13)
Thief→Rogue (FE8/10)
Cleric→Valkyrie (FE8/9)
Myrmidon→Assassin (FE8/13)
Troubadour→Mage Knight (FE8)
Shaman→Summoner (FE8)
Brigand→Berserker (FE8/9)
Lance Knight/Axe Knight/Bow Knight/Sword Knight→Paladin (FE9)
SoldierHalberdier (FE9)
Thunder MageThunder Sage (FE10)
Armor SwordSword General (FE10)
Lance Knight→Lance Paladin (FE10)
Fire MageFire Sage (FE10)
Armor Axe→Axe General (FE10)
Bow Knight→Bow Paladin (FE10)
Sword Knight→Blade Paladin (FE10)
Wind MageWind Sage (FE10)
Pegasus Knight→Dracoknight (FE11/12)
HunterHorseman (FE11/12)
Dark MageSorcerer (FE11/12/13/14)
LordGreat Lord (FE13)
TacticianGrandmaster (FE13)
Cleric/Troubadour→War Cleric (FE13)
Archer→Bow Knight (FE13)
Mage→Dark Knight (FE13)
Pegasus Knight→Dark Flier (FE13)
Thief/OutlawTrickster/Adventurer (FE13/14)
Mercenary→Bow Knight (FE13/14)
Priest→War Monk (FE13)
Dark Mage→Dark Knight (FE13/14)
Wyvern Rider→Griffon Rider (FE13)
Barbarian→Warrior/Berserker (FE13)
Nohr Prince/Nohr PrincessHoshido Noble/Nohr Noble (FE14)
Troubadour→Maid/Butler (FE14)
Wyvern Rider→Malig Knight (FE14)
Archer/Sky KnightKinshi Knight (FE14)
NinjaMaster Ninja/Mechanist (FE14)
Oni SavageOni Chieftain/Blacksmith (FE14)
Shrine MaidenPriestess (FE14)
SamuraiMaster of Arms (FE14)
DivinerBasara (FE14)
MonkGreat Master (FE14)
VillagerMerchant/Master of Arms (FE14)
Spear FighterSpear Master/Basara (FE14)
Apothecary→Merchant/Mechanist (FE14)
WolfskinWolfssegner (FE14)
KitsuneNine-Tails (FE14)
Any class→Mortal Savant/War Master/Gremory/Great Knight/Dark Knight/Holy Knight/Bow Knight/Falcon Knight/Wyvern Lord (FE16)

FE7, FE8, FE9, FE10, FE11, FE12, FE13, FE14, FE16
Knight Proof (FE5).png
Knight Proof
Fell Contract
Thieves ThiefAssassin FE7
Ocean Seal
Pirates and thieves PirateBerserker (FE7/8)
PirateWarrior (FE8)
ThiefAssassin/Rogue (FE8)
FE7, FE8
Heaven Seal
Lords LordBlade Lord/Knight Lord/Great Lord FE7
Solar Brace/Lunar Brace
LordGreat Lord FE8
Master Crown
Beorc second tier units SwordmasterTrueblade
Thunder Sage/Fire Sage/Wind Sage/Dark SageArchsage
Sword General/Axe General/Lance GeneralMarshall
Lance Paladin/Bow PaladinSilver Knight
Falcon KnightSeraph Knight
Axe Paladin/Blade PaladinGold Knight
Holy Crown
Mist ClericValkyrie FE10
Wedding Bouquet FE13.png
Wedding Bouquet
Female characters All classes→Bride FE13
Dread Scroll FE13.pngMaster Seal FE13 Icon.png
Dread Scroll
Male characters (FE13), all units (FE14) All classes→Dread Fighter FE13, FE14
Change Seal FE13 Icon.png
Second Seal
All units Reclassing FE13
Master Seal FE13 Icon.png
Heart Seal
Master Seal FE13 Icon.png
Friendship Seal
Reclassing into the class of any unit with A+ Support FE14
Master Seal FE13 Icon.png
Partner Seal
Reclassing into the class of any unit with S Support FE14
Master Seal FE13 Icon.png
Ebon Wing
All classes→Dark Falcon FE14
Master Seal FE13 Icon.png
Sighting Lens
Male characters All classes→Ballistician FE14
Master Seal FE13 Icon.png
Hero's Brand
All classes→Lodestar FE14
Master Seal FE13 Icon.png
Fell Brand
All classes→Grandmaster FE14
Master Seal FE13 Icon.png
Vanguard Brand
All classes→Vanguard FE14
Master Seal FE13 Icon.png
Witch's Mark
Female characters All classes→Witch FE14
Master Seal FE13 Icon.png
Exalt's Brand
All classes→Great Lord FE14
FE16 Seal Icon.png
Beginner Seal
All qualifiable characters All classes→Myrmidon/Soldier/Fighter/Monk FE16
FE16 Seal Icon.png
Intermediate Seal
All qualifiable characters All classes→Lord/Mercenary/Thief/Cavalier/Pegasus Knight/Brigand/Armored Knight/Archer/Brawler/Mage/Priest FE16
FE16 Seal Icon.png
Advanced Seal
All qualifiable characters All classes→Swordmaster/Hero/Assassin/Paladin/Warrior/Fortress Knight/Wyvern Rider/Sniper/Warlock/Bishop FE16
FE16 Seal Icon.png
Dark Seal
All qualifiable male characters All classes→Dark Mage/Dark Bishop FE16
FE16 Seal Icon.png
Abyssian Exam Pass (Cindered Shadows DLC)
All qualifiable characters All classes→Trickster/War Monk/War Cleric/Dark Flier/Valkyrie FE16