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The Pupil is a class that debuted in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones.

History in the Series

One of three Trainee-type classes, this class appears exclusively in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. The Pupil wields Anima magic as its sole weapon of choice and is exclusive to Ewan.


As a Trainee class, the Pupil has relatively low stats upon being recruited. However, once the class reaches Level 10, it will promote into either the Mage or Shaman classes automatically. From this point, the Pupil class can promote yet again into the respective second-tier classes using a Guiding Ring.

If both routes of the game have been completed at least once, the Pupil will be able to promote into first-tier and second-tier versions of the class, ones that are referred to as Pupil (2) and Pupil (3) respectively.

The "Trainee" Pupil gains 33 EXP per attack and 100 for every kill in combat while the amount gained by Pupil (2) and Pupil (3) is equivalent to standard first-tier and second-tier classes respectively. With the sheer amount of levels and promotions that the Pupil class can gain, it has the potential to transform into a powerful class if properly trained.


Base Stats

FE8 (Trainee)13-10100345-Anima.gif E
FE8 (First Tier)17-23303355-Anima.gif D
FE8 (Second Tier)20-54405565-Anima.gif C Light.gif E Dark.gif D

Maximum Stats

FE8 (Trainee)60-2020203020201520-Anima.gif C
FE8 (First Tier)60-2020203020201520-Anima.gif A
FE8 (Second Tier)60-292827*3021**26***1520-Anima.gif S Light.gif S Dark.gif S

* 26 in the Japanese version

** 24 in the Japanese version
*** 30 in the Japanese version

Growth Rates



Base ClassPromotion MethodPromoted Class
FE8 FE8 Pupil Map Sprite.gifPupilAutomatically at the start of next map after reaching Level 10.FE8 Male Mage Map Sprite.gifMage
FE8 Shaman Map Sprite.gifShaman
FE8 Pupil Map Sprite.gifPupil (2)
FE8 FE8 Pupil Map Sprite.gifPupil (2)Use a Guidingring.gifGuiding Ring on a Level 10+ Pupil (2).FE8 Pupil Map Sprite.gifPupil (3)
FE8 Sage Map Sprite.gifSage


  • The Pupil is one of two magic classes that loses the use of a weapon after a promotion; if the Pupil promotes into a Shaman, they will lose their ability to arm Anima Magic. They can, however, regain Anima Magic upon promotion to the Druid class, but not the Summoner class. The other class is the Dark Mage in Awakening and Fates; if they promote into the Dark Knight class, they lose their ability to use Dark Magic.
  • As a "Super" Pupil in The Sacred Stones, it is the only promoted magic-using class that is unable to wield staves.