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Pursuit (追撃, Tsuigeki) is a Skill that is found exclusively in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. This skill allows its user to be able to perform an additional strike after the enemy's attack, given that their Attack Speed is higher than that of the enemy's.

This skill is present in other titles within the franchise, though as a game mechanic applied to all units instead of a skill.

Several characters possess Pursuit as a personal skill, including Sigurd, Erinys, and Azelle, and it is also a class skill for a handful of classes, including Swordfighters, Bow Fighters, Thief Fighters, and Master Knights. Chulainn and Jamke cannot pass down the skill to their children, as the skill functions as a class skill for them.

Despite the fact that enemies in Genealogy of the Holy War generally possess an abnormally high number of Hit Points, they are slowed down by heavy weapons, including Lances, Axes and Bows. Because of this, Pursuit is an extremely useful skill.


Name Activation Capacity
Pursuit.pngPursuit 100% -
Effects The user will always be able to perform double attacks, as long as he/she has an Attack Speed that is higher than that of the enemy's.
Users *Base skill of Sigurd, Alec, Finn, Azelle, Midayle, Erinys, Beowolf, Oifey, Deimne, Julia, Ares and Hawk.
*Class skill of Swordfighters, Bow Fighters, Dragonmasters, Thief Fighters and Master Knights.