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The Pursuit Ring (追撃リング Tsuigeki ringu) is an item that is exclusive to Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. Like its name suggests, this ring bestows the Pursuit skill upon the character that holds it in their inventory.


There is only one Pursuit ring in the game and can be obtained through a secret event in Chapter 2. If the player moves Arden to a specific tile on the western coastline of the map, he will lament being teased in spite of his efforts to train and envies Alec's ability to perform multiple attacks. Arden then discovers the Pursuit Ring and gains the skill for himself.

Item Information

Name Uses Worth Effect(s) / Note(s)
Pursuit ring.gif Pursuit Ring - 40,000 Bestows the Pursuit skill onto its wearer.

Item Location

Method Location
Event Generation 1: Ch. 2 - Have Arden wait on a spot located over a coastline located in the western reaches of the map. Ensure that he does not have a lover by the time this is performed.


Pursuit is among the most valuable skills in Fire Emblem 4, owing to the bloated hit points of enemy units and the large speed advantage your own units possess.

The Pursuit Ring is gained by Arden, whose unfortunate low Speed means it isn't especially useful for him (although it admittedly can be a fair boost, especially if he's given a Slim Sword, or if he faces the slow Armor and Axe-wielding units of the game). Several units can benefit greatly from it in the first generation:

  • Naoise: Sporting fair speed, wielding light Swords, otherwise very competent in combat, and having high movement to take advantage of his newfound ability, Naoise makes for a great candidate for the Pursuit Ring.
  • Dew: Dew's high speed means he will double nearly every time. However, his middling Strength and access to only weak C-rank Swords means doubling will do little to bridge the gap in his offense. Admittedly, many enemies in the game have very weak Resistance, meaning with ranged Magic Swords, Dew can do some respectable damage from a safe distance, and steal gold while doing it, too. Dew can also afford the Pursuit Ring much easier thanks to his Bargain skill. Remember that he gains Pursuit as a class skill after promotion, so pass it on to someone else.
  • Tailtiu: With her mighty Thoron tome, Pursuit may be overkill on Tailtiu, especially if she triggers her Wrath skill. Still, there's no kill like overkill, and Tailtiu's high speed growth makes her a fine candidate for the Pursuit Ring.
  • Lewyn: Even more so than Tailtiu, this is overkill. Once Lewyn promotes, and especially once he obtains Forseti, Lewyn will kill almost anyone he touches. However, until then, a boost to consistency is nice, as Lewyn with Pursuit will double every enemy in the first generation.
  • Ethlyn: Ethlyn isn't particularly built for combat, owing to her weak Strength and poor growths. On the other hand, having access to A-rank Swords and getting a great stat boost from promotion will make her a fairly decent user. Keep in mind that Ethlyn leaves after Chapter 3 concludes, meaning you'll be without the Ring for chapters 4, 5, and 6.
  • Quan: Quan is a strong unit without Pursuit, and the fact that he comes pre-promoted means you may not want to have him hog all the EXP. Quan admittedly does very well with the Pursuit Ring. Remember that Quan leaves after Chapter 3 concludes, meaning you'll be without the Ring for chapter 4-8.

Other combat characters in the first generation that lack Pursuit are Lex and Lachesis. Lex has middling Speed and wields heavy axes, meaning he won't double as much as, say, Naoise. Lachesis's late start makes it difficult for her to have the funds to obtain it, and her combat power will be mediocre until she promotes, at which point she gains Pursuit as a class skill.

In passing the Pursuit Ring to the second generation, it's important to remember some things. Jamke, Chulainn, and Brigid have Pursuit as a class skill, meaning their children don't inherit it. On the flip side, consider that Ayra's children and Febail receive Pursuit as class skills as well. Consider the following recipients:

  • Leif: Giving the Pursuit Ring to Ethlyn will cause Leif to inherit it, meaning your army will go without it for chapters 4, 5, and 6. However, Leif benefits greatly from Pursuit. The first foes he faces are slow Axe-wielding units and Armors. If he's also given the Armorslayer, he can rack up quite a few kills, pushing him towards his potent promotion. Once he promotes, Leif gains Pursuit as a class skill, meaning he can then sell the Pursuit Ring.
  • Jamke x Edain Lester: A great match-up excepting the lack of Pursuit, a skill that Lana doesn't need. With the Brave and / or Killer Bow passed down from this pairing, Lester will reach his full potential.
  • Lewyn x Tailtiu Arthur: With exceptional Speed and wielding the monstrous Forseti, Pursuit will tip Arthur from the kills-nearly-everything unit to the kills-absolutely-everything-except-Arvis-and-Julius unit. With Pursuit, even the simple Elwind tome becomes a reliable wrecker.
  • Lex's children: Lex makes a good father to almost any set of kids thanks to his Elite skill. However, his lack of Pursuit can be a real hindrance. Diarmuid, Lester, Patty, Arthur, and Tine could all make good use of the Pursuit Ring with Lex as their father.
  • Chulainn x Brigid Patty: Chulainn passes along great growths, and minor Od blood means Patty can inherit the Brave Sword. With a Pursuit Ring, Patty will reach her peak combat potential before promotion. After Promotion, she gains Pursuit as a class skill.

With careful planning, it's very possible to have every child in the second generation have Pursuit, especially after Promotion. At that point, there's not much to do with the Ring besides give it to Iuchar / Iucharba. Hannibal would be the only other combat unit lacking Pursuit, and his low Speed and miserable Speed growths make him a lousy candidate for it. However, some pairings, like Jamke x Edain Lester, will always want the Ring.