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“Heh. Looks like you've breathed your last!”
—Puzon's battle quote

Puzon is the boss of the first gaiden chapter (in Eliwood's/Hector's story) in Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade, Chapter 13x: The Peddler Merlinus. He is a Mercenary, hired by the bandits plaguing Caelin and appears to be the leader of a band of thugs who were accosting Merlinus prior to the chapter in an area just south of Caelin. You do not need to kill him to finish the chapter, as you only need to survive for the set number of turns. Puzon's fate should he survive the events of Chapter 13x is unspecified.




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The circumstances of the battle make Puzon a more difficult foe than his decent stats might indicate. In every variation of Chapter 13x, A Nomad and Myrmidon will spawn behind Puzon on turn 5. Players approaching Puzon should be aware of this, as the reinforcements have a very high likelihood of charging through the fog and engaging the player alongside Puzon. Oswin can effectively combat all three at once, but few other characters will be able to weather the storm. Be aware that a group of Brigands, which may prove to be a threat to Oswin, lies between Puzon and the starting point.

On Hector's Hard Mode, Puzon's force has nearly doubled in number, and its units have increased in strength. Particularly troublesome is an additional Myrmidon/Nomad reinforcement wave coming from behind him at the start of the enemy's 6th turn. In this mode, players should only engage Puzon if they are absolutely confident that they can completely devastate his force. As he does not drop any items on death, the only thing gained from killing him is a large amount of EXP, which is valuable, but ultimately unnecessary.


“Unbelievable...I was helpless to stop them...”
—Puzon's death quote


  • Like many side chapter bosses in The Blazing Blade, Puzon shares his sprite with other character, but recolored. In this case it is with a nameless bandit from Chapter 6 that is killed by Rath.