Pyrathi Ch9

A map of Pyrathi as it appeared in Shadow Dragon.

Pyrathi (ペラティ Peraty) is a small kingdom of pirates ruled by the Manakete king, Mannu. Very little is known about this land, other than the fact that it is an island kingdom and that it is almost completely isolated. It is also called sacred ground by some, including its king Mannu, though it is unknown why.

An odd fact about Pyrathi is that its island is nearly completely covered in ruins. What these ruins were, and who built them is unknown, though they give the Kingdom Pyrathi a feeling of age. Mannu calls the kingdom hallowed ground, so it may be possible that the ruins are, or were, sacred structures, though this too is unconfirmed. The shrine on the island may have something to do with the reason why the island is called "sacred ground".

This is also the place where Bantu lost his dragon stone, and the place where a villager later found a dragon stone, which is very likely the same stone. The island also has a shrine on the eastern side that contains a Wyrmslayer. Almost every enemy unit on the island is a Pirate.

It is only played on during Chapter 9 in Shadow Dragon. The chapter it appears in is cut in Mystery of the Emblem, but a single pirate labeled Pyrathi appears in its version of Chapter 7 .

Pyrathi would eventually become part of the Halidom of Ylisse, along with Talys and the country of Archanea.

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