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(Nearby Ally Defeated Enemy)
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* "Good. Now take care of the rest."
* "Good. Now take care of the rest."
* "You show off!" *laughs* (Forsyth)
* "You show off!" *laughs* (Forsyth)
* "Never change, my friend." (Forsyth)
==== Nearby Ally Below Half Health ====
==== Nearby Ally Below Half Health ====

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Level Up

  • "Impressed yet?"
  • "This stuff's easy once you learn to understand your foes."
  • "See? Fortune doesn't ONLY favor the bold."
  • "Well, that was...underwhelming."

Class Change

  • "Well, if this is what you want..."

Battle Quotes

First Turn Selection

  • "Fine, twist my arm."
  • "Aye, captain." (low health)
  • "What... Seriously!?" (Low health)

Enemy Dodges

  • "Aw, don't tell me—!"
  • "What?!"

Enemy Deals 1 or No Damage

  • "Far too slow."
  • "Come on, really?"

Healed by Ally

  • "Ah, thanks."

Used Healing Item

  • "Oh, I hope this is all for me." (loved)
  • "Mmm, not bad." (liked)
  • "Hey, I'm not picky." (neutral)
  • "Wow, this is terrible!" (disliked)

Critical Hit

  • "Buzz off, please."
  • "Open wide!"
  • "So sorry about this."
  • "Hello and goodbye!"

Finishing Blow

Defeated Enemy

  • *sigh*
  • "Nighty night."
  • "Hey, it was you or me."
  • *sighs* Well, I'm spent."
  • "Congratulations, you came in second."
  • *scoffs* Sorry, not your preferred outcome?

Nearby Ally Defeated Enemy

  • "Look at that show off."
  • "*Whistles* Go you."
  • "Oooh."
  • "Guess I can sit this one out."
  • "Good. Now take care of the rest."
  • "You show off!" *laughs* (Forsyth)
  • "Never change, my friend." (Forsyth)

Nearby Ally Below Half Health

  • "Don't expect me to help you."

Summary Screen

  • "Man, I need a nap after that."
  • *sighs* Can I curl up into a ball and just sleep? (fatigued)
  • "Sorry I couldn't save you..." (an ally dies)
  • "Forsyth, you damned fool... How did you think this would end?" (Forsyth dies)


“ Heh... Better start building a coffin... Damn. I can't even take dying seriously...”
—Python's death quote.
“Ow! Damn. This just stopped being fun. So long, everyone! Gotta live to fight another day and all that.”
—Python's retreat quote
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