The Queen (女王 Joō) is a non-playable class that is exclusive to Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. A Civilian class that is aptly named after the position Ismaire wields as the ruler of Jehanna, the Queen class is unable to arm any weapons for self-defense. The class only makes its appearance in Chapter 14A, where it is used to represent Ismaire as she is first held hostage by Carlyle before being slain by Caellach.

When Ismaire is recruited in the Creature Campaign, she takes the form of a Swordmaster instead of a Queen.

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  • Like the other Civilian classes, the Queen class is set to be unable to wield any weapons by default. Despite this, Ismaire is able to wield Swords in the Queen class due to her character data assigning her with an A rank in the weapon.
    • Using glitches, it is possible to equip Queen class Ismaire with a sword. Due to programming, no Battle animation will occur if she attacks an enemy character.
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