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Quests, known as Requests in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE, are a mechanic introduced in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. Quests become available as the story progresses, but are generally independent from the main story. Quests often involve gathering items for the quest giver, but may involve performing other tasks. Completing quests provide rewards for completing them, such as items, money, or Renown.


Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Pre-Time Skip

Post Time Skip

Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE

Standalone Requests

  • Coloring Book Hero
  • Good Luck Charm
  • Voice of the People
  • Monstrous Roar
  • A Torn Pocket
  • Moe Medical Kit
  • What Makes a Masterpiece

Moeka Katao's Requests

  • Conveying My Feelings
  • Closing the Distance

Cafe Seiren Requests

  • Shibuya Remedy
  • Shibuya Elixir

Itta Arima's Requests

  • A Chic Job Hunt
  • A Chic Menu

Date Requests

  • Dating Difficulties
  • Dating Disaster

Taneaki Tezuma's Requests

  • Attention Misdirection
  • Concentration Misdirection

Iori Souji's Requests

  • Iori in Love
  • Iori's in Love Again
  • Iori Can't Stop Falling in Love
  • Iori's Dream Girl

Ayaha Oribe's Requests

  • The Voiceless Voice Actress
  • Writer's Block
  • The Tongue-Tied Gourmet
  • Funny Business
  • The Glare of the Spotlight
  • Stained Steel
  • The Stunted Stuntman
  • Mopey Model

Lucky Spot Requests

  • Lucky Spot 1
  • Lucky Spot 2
  • Lucky Spot 3
  • Lucky Spot 4
  • Lucky Spot 5
  • Lucky Spot 6

Masked Hee Ho Mart Salesclerk's Requests

  • Slick Skull Delivery
  • Coarse Mane Delivery
  • Everburn Cloth Delivery
  • Femme's Horn Delivery
  • Scarlet Armor Delivery
  • Looming Pillar Delivery

Red Cleric's Requests

  • Repel the Rejects
  • Pummel the Pests
  • Ditch the Deadbeats
  • Grapple the Groupies
  • Flummox the Flirts

Illusory Urahara Requests

  • Path of the Strong
  • Arena Staff on Hire
  • Versus Grandmaster Mirage! (New Game+ only)
  • The Dragon Descends (New Game+ only)

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