Battle 1 Edit

Opening Edit

  • Loki: "Hee-hee... THAT went well. Go on then, you darling monstrosity. Destroy the world, and drag your friends down with you."
  • Thórr: "Loki. What are you doing?"
  • Loki: "Now isn't THIS a rare treat? What brings you here, my dear?"
  • Thórr: "I scented one of your foul schemes."
  • Loki: "It's so nice that you recognize my genius... Even if you can't quite grasp it. These lost, defeated souls that wander the realms... I just want to give them a fighting chance. I had the thought to scoop them up together. Into, well...a sort of Hero, I suppose. Do you have a better idea? Well, do you?"
  • Thórr: "I mislike your attitude, Loki. Do not speak ill of those who fell in battle. For their ideals...they gave their all."
  • Loki: "And so they did. Yet you'd see them trapped here for eternity, drenched in regret? Soldiers would rather meet a much more decisive end—don't you think?"
  • Thórr: "You never learn, Loki. You must know that I will be forced to report this scheme."
  • Loki: "Oh my. Bound by responsibility... That's you all over, isn't it?"
  • Thórr: "Don't toy with me, Loki. There is work to be done, yet you play, knowing full well your duties are far too important to know."
  • Loki: "Yes, yes, yes... I know. Everything we do is for him... He who created everything. Alfaðör.
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