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“You were suffer...because of me... I'm sorry.”
—Rajaion, to Ena

Rajaion is a non-playable character who is seen near the very end of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. He was a member of the Dragon tribe Laguz, and the first Goldoan prince. He is the brother of Kurthnaga and Almedha.


Like most Dragon Tribe Laguz, Rajaion spent most of his years safe inside Goldoa's borders where King Dheginsea preferred all Dragons to stay to avoid any conflict they may become involved in and thus involve Goldoa in.

Eventually, Rajaion's sister, Almedha, married Ashnard, the 13th King of Daein. Although the details of the courtship are completely unknown, it is known that Almedha saw Ashnard kill his father and knew of his "brilliant" plan to take the throne, so she was likely attracted to his attitude. The marriage was originally expected to improve relations between Goldoa and Daein, as Goldoa did not often communicate or acknowledge other countries. Eventually, Almedha and Ashnard had a son. However, not long after Almedha and Ashnard were married his true personality was revealed.

Rajaion is thought by some to have caught on to the trap Ashnard had set for Almedha and thus set out to find and rescue her and her young son. He traveled to Daein and at some point after arriving he was captured by Ashnard. However, according to Ena in one of the possible epilogues, Rajaion said he wanted to broaden his knowledge and that he would leave Goldoa to do so.

Ashnard was greatly impressed by the strength Rajaion displayed during his capture and thus hatched an idea to turn him into a personal mount to ride. Ashnard then used Izuka's feral drug on Rajaion, trapping him in his Dragon form and causing him to go insane.

Ashnard then trained the insane Rajaion to act as personal mount. In the Endgame of Path of Radiance, Ashnard will fight Ike's forces while riding on Rajaion's back. Ena, Rajaion's fiancée from Goldoa, fights Ike and his group throughout the better half of the game because she is trying to get on Ashnard's good side and see Rajaion.

At the end of Path of Radiance, after Ashnard is defeated, Ena rushes to the dying Rajaion, despite Ike's warnings. As she embraces him, Rajaion simply lies there and sadly closes his eyes. Rajaion returns to human form due to the Heron Laguz's songs and speaks fondly to Ena before dying in her arms. After his passing, Ena has Rajaion buried in his hometown.

In Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, it is revealed that Ena is pregnant with the deceased Rajaion's child.

Non-Canon Appearances[]

Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher)[]

Rajaion is illustrated in the trading card game with the following cards:



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