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Rally (叫び, Sakebi lit. Cry in the Japanese version) is a series of skills and a skill mechanic that was introduced in Fire Emblem Awakening.


A unit equipped with at least one of the skills below will have an additional action option called Rally.

Awakening & Fates

Upon activation, all Rally Skills on that user will activate, granting stat boost to all allies within a 3-tile (2 or 4 in Fates) radius of the user. This command will end that unit's turn after they activate the Rally Command. The effect lasts from when it is used to the beginning of the unit's side's next turn, being active for the rest of the current turn and the other side(s) following turn(s).

A unit may have multiple Rally skills equipped and all will activate once the Rally Command is used. Thus, a unit with Rally Speed, Rally Magic, and Rally Defense will boost Speed, Magic, and Defense upon activation. Multiple units may activate separate Rally Skills and still have the compounded effect. However Rally Skills do not stack upon themselves. Therefore if two units activate Rally Speed in the same area, all allies in the range of both will only get +4 Speed, not +8. Rally Spectrum and Rally Heart's stat boost do stack on other Rally Skills's individual stat boosts. This gives a maximum of +14 to Luck, +2 to Movement, and +10 to all other stats if all 10 Rally Skills are used simultaneously on one unit.

Three Houses

Rally is a separate command in battle and allows a unit with at least one Rally skill to give a stat boost to one ally. Rally skills are tied to Authority and certain characters learn Rally skills as their Authority improves. If a unit has multiple Rally skills equipped, they will apply all applicable ones when the Rally command is used.


A unit equipped with any Rally skill equipped in their Support Skill slot will be able to interact with an single ally. Upon doing so, they will apply their Rally boost to said ally unless the ally has visible buffs that exceed the total of the stat boost their rally skill would provide.

Rally Skills

Awakening & Fates

Icon Name Effect Class Level
StrengthCry.png Rally Strength Strength +4 Warrior (Awakening)
Berserker (Fates)
Magiccryicon.png Rally Magic Magic +4 Sage (Awakening)
Onmyoji (Fates)
SkillCryFE13Icon.png Rally Skill Skill +4 Bow Knight 5
SpeedCry.png Rally Speed Speed +4 Falcon Knight 5
LuckCry.png Rally Luck Luck +8 War Monk/War Cleric (Awakening)
Monk/Shrine Maiden (Fates)
DefenseCry.png Rally Defense Defense +4 General (Awakening)
Wyvern Lord (Fates)
ResistanceCry.png Rally Resistance Resistance +4 Valkyrie (Awakening)
Strategist (Fates)
MovementCry.png Rally Movement Movement +1 Dark Flier (Awakening)
Dark Falcon (Fates)
Rainbow Cry.png Rally Spectrum Str/Mag/Skl/Spd/Lck/Def/Res+4 (Awakening)
Str/Mag/Skl/Spd/Lck/Def/Res+2 (Fates)
Grandmaster 15
Is 3ds rally heart.png Rally Heart Str+2 Mag+2 Skl+2 Spd+2 Lck+2 Def+2 Res+2 Mov+1 Bride (Awakening only) 1
AzureDance.png Fancy Footwork Strength +1 Speed +1 None (Personal skill of Laslow) n/a
Tuning.png Perfect Pitch 10% of maximum HP recovered None (Personal skill of Shigure) n/a

Three Houses

Icon Name Effect Authority Level Personal Ability
Rally Strength FE16.png Rally Strength Str +4 D (Raphael, Alois, Balthus)
S (Ignatz)
Perseverance (Annette)
Rally Magic FE16.png Rally Magic Mag +4 D (Hubert, Ingrid, Constance) Crest Scholar (Hanneman)
Rally Dexterity FE16.png Rally Dexterity Dex +8 D (Ferdinand, Hapi)
C+ (Ignatz)
Rally Speed FE16.png Rally Speed Spd +4 D (Ignatz)
C+ (Annette)
S (Hubert)
Rally Luck FE16.png Rally Luck Lck +8 D (Flayn, Anna) Compassion (Alois)
Rally Defense FE16.png Rally Defense Def +4 D (Seteth, Gilbert) N/A
Rally Resistance FE16.png Rally Resistance Res +4 D (Annette)
C (Constance)
C+ (Hubert)
S (Seteth)
Rally Charm FE16.png Rally Charm Cha +8 D (Dorothea, Manuela)
S (Edelgard, Dimitri, Claude)
Rally Movement FE16.png Rally Movement Mv +1 S (Byleth, Annette) N/A