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“Wine that used to be produced in Ram Village.”
—In-game description.

Ram Wine (ラムの葡萄酒 Ramu no wain, lit. Ram Wine) is a provision item that makes its first appearance in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.

Ram Wine is one of many alcoholic provisions that was introduced in the Fire Emblem Gaiden remake. It was the primary export of Ram Village years before the game's events, and was so popular that prestigious nobles across Zofia would order shipments of it. Its production was discontinued for unknown reasons.

Like all other alcoholic beverages in the game, Ram Wine cannot be consumed. It can instead be offered up to Mila statues in Shrines to cure the fatigue of the player's party and restore uses of Mila's Turnwheel. It can be sold for 25 Silver Marks. The item's most notable use is in the side-quest The Sommelier, where it must be given to a Greedy Old Man inhabiting Ram Village; he rewards Alm with Blue Cheese and 100 Renown points after the transaction.

Ram Wine has unused functionality hidden in the game's data. At some point in development, it would have restored 30 HP and 20 fatigue points. It would have been limited to use by units over the age of 19.

Item Information

Name Uses Worth Effect(s) / Note(s)
Ram wine icon.png Ram Wine 1 25Silver mark icon.png Recovers 30 HP, 20 Fatigue, only consumable by units age 20 or over.
Unusable in the final game.

Item Locations

Ram Wine is guaranteed to appear in Zofia Castle, The Pirate Throne, Grieth's Citadel, and Desaix's Fortress. It is also dropped by Brigand Boss in Thieves' Shrine and can be obtained through the It's Oil Right side-quest at Sluice Gate. All other appearances are the result of chance.

Related Quotes

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

“Ram Village used to be known across the kingdom for its magnificent wine, but alas, it's been ages since anyone made a new batch. Valentia's fanciest nobles would send orders for Ram wine from far and wide. If there are any bottles left, they're like to be aged to perfection by now. A wine that mature would taste absolutely incredible! I'd give anything for one more glass before Mother Mila calls me home...”
—Greedy Old Man
“What I wouldn't give for a bottle? No, even just a GLASS of Ram wine! (Alm gives Ram Wine) This aroma! Berry... Leather... Straw... This is Ram wine for true! Thank you. You've made an old man very happy this day, so you have. ...Here. I was saving this to go with the wine, but I want you to have it.”
—Greedy Old Man
“Thank you again for bringing me that Ram wine.”
—Greedy Old Man