Rasputin is an antagonist in TearRing Saga: Berwick Saga. He is one of the Four Archbishops of the Raze Church and the one that deals with Prince Faizal the most.


Boss Stats Edit

Starting Class
Raze Bishop
3039021 (+3)16 (-2)8
SkillsWeaponStarting Items
Fire - 30
Wind - 30
Thunder - 30
Dark - 60
Bishop Brace

* Drops upon defeat


Secret Book (Artwork)
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Because Saphira does not promote until all four of the priestesses are rescued, Rasputin cannot be killed until turn 12 at the earliest. Though her promotion inflicts Silence on all units for 3 turns, Rasputin is not left helpless like his Raze Priest subordinates are, as he is still able to use his Bolganone orb. Thus, the easiest way of dealing with him is to have Sedy steal it, though this will need to be timed correctly to prevent him from immediately equipping it upon being slienced. After this, he should be very easy to defeat.

However, if Sedy is dead or the player is for some reason unable to steal his Bolganone, then Rasputin becomes significantly harder. With a 44 attack stat that targets resistance, Rasputin will usually be able to OHKO any unit within his attack range with deadly accuracy. Additionally, his Vantage skill and 14 AS means he'll usually be able to do this before an attacking unit can even land a blow. The best strategy for dealing with him in this situation is to attack him with bow users at 2 range; Sherlock in particular can make short work of him thanks to Barrage.

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