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The Raven (クロウ Kurou, lit. Crow) is both a race and a class of Bird tribe Laguz that is exclusive to the Tellius Series of Fire Emblem. A tribe of Laguz that is able to assume the form of a raven at will, the Ravens rend their foes with their Beaks. Classified as Flying Units, Ravens are vulnerable to Bows and Wind Magic.


Inhabiting the island of Kilvas, the Raven Tribe is helmed by Naesala. Once sharing a sibling-like relationship with the Hawk Tribe, the Ravens used to cohabit Phoenicis with the Hawks. For unknown reasons, the tribes split and parted ways prior to the events of Path of Radiance, and the Ravens came to reside in Kilvas.

The Ravens are infamous for their conniving and manipulative nature, the actions that they partake in spurred by their personal interests. This has in turn ignited the flames of a heated rivalry to spring up between the Ravens and the Hawks, whose morals of honour and integrity clash horribly with the Ravens' unabashed unscrupulousness. Despite their finicky nature, they have sworn to protect Princess Leanne of the Heron Clan, who will later come to wed their leader after the war with Ashera concludes in Radiant Dawn.

Prior to the events of Path of Radiance, the old king of Kilvas who directly preceded Naesala made a Blood pact with the Begnion Senate; more specifically, the pact was made with Lekain. Following the king's decease, Naesala became the unfortunate inheritor of the blood pact, and is thus placed under the mercy of the corrupted Begnion Senate. During the events of Radiant Dawn, the blood pact is used against Naesala, where the lives of his kinsmen are used as collateral for his cooperation with the Senate. With the threat of his tribe's extermination looming over him, Naesala makes the painful choice to betray the Laguz Alliance, one that leads to the massacre of several Laguz soldiers. The blood pact is later undone in the Tower of Guidance after Lekain is slain, freeing Naesala and his kinsmen from its nefarious clutches.



Ravens excel in Skill and Speed but fall short in terms of Strength and Defense, making them the Laguz equivalent of Myrmidons to the Hawks’ Mercenary: they will double all but the very fastest enemies, but will likely fail in eliminating their opponent in a single round to a lack of power.


  • Note: "»" denotes the changes implemented onto stats upon transformation.

Base Stats

FE9 (Standard)244»93»46»108»1205»83»76»810»199»16-
FE9 (Naesala)265»113»57»1110»1307»104»76»810»199»16-
FE10 (Male)274»82»46»128»1602»43»66»810»1910»18FE10 Strike.gif A
FE10 (Female)347»145»1013»2614»2805»106»126»86»155»14FE10 Strike.gif A

Maximum Stats

FE9 (Standard)6525»3020»2131»3534»384025»2831»356»810»199»16-
FE9 (Naesala)7029»3524»2534»3837»404027»3032»356»810»199»16-
FE10 (Male)6016»3210»2019»3823»463513»2617»346»810»1910»18FE10 Strike.gif SS
FE10 (Female)6016»3210»2019»3823»463512»2418»366»86»155»14FE10 Strike.gif SS

Growth Rates

FE9 (Standard)110%55%15%60%80%25%35%35%----
FE9 (Naesala)110%45%15%75»40%80»70%30%60»30%65»15%----
FE10 (Male)85%25%20%30%35%70%20%35%----
FE10 (Female)75%25%20%30%45%70%20%50%----

Class Skills

FE9Vortex.gifVortexOccult skill of the Raven Laguz; assign with an MasteryBook.gifOccult Scroll.
Base skill of all foot units.
Base skill of all flying and mounted units.
Mastery skill of the Raven and Hawk Laguz.

Notable Ravens

Path of Radiance

Radiant Dawn