Read, Chat, Fall in Love is Eleonora Yumizuru's first side story in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE.

Story[edit | edit source]

At the Classroom Film Set, Eleonora tries to ask Itsuki something, but can't bring herself to do it, resulting in Maiko messaging him through Topic to explain the situation. Eleonora's current show, "Dandelion of Love", requires her to play a character who is in love, but she needs help getting into the role. As such, Itsuki is to go on a mock date with her in order to give her a better understanding of love.

The pair go to the Hee Ho Mart, Cafe Seiren, and Carabia Jewelry while on their "date", during which Itsuki learns that Eleonora wants to go to Hollywood due to a sense of acceptance, steming from her biracial heritage making her different from other girls. However, she quickly realizes that this isn't how dates are supposed to go, making her believe this to be a waste of time. Fortunately, Itsuki's comforting helps her to realize what love is, causing her Performa to awaken. After performing Radiant Unity, Eleonora and Virion get into a debate over how much the latter helped in finding out what love is. Eleonora's role is filmed successfully, but she claims that she is capable of more than this, and that her rise is "to be continued".

Completing this side story unlocks Eleonora's Ad-lib Performance One-Sided Love, based on her role in Dandelion of Love.

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