Reeve (リーヴェ Rīve) is a location from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. It is one of the four main kingdoms on the continent of Lieberia. It is situated to the south of Canaan and east of Salia. It is named after Princess Reeve, the first daughter of Emperor Carluon and Empress Utna.


Over one thousand years prior to the game's events, Reeve was formed by a small group of immigrants from the eastern continent of Jugd who crossed over the Reeve River. The settlers established four dukedoms (Rivellia, Zemseria, Razelia, and Nolzeria) which were later united as the Republic of Reeve. Fearing the growing power of these outsiders, the native people of Zoa launched an attack against Reeve, starting a war between the two factions. Within only five years, the Reevan official Denoas conquered all of the Zoan clans. After the Zoan clan leader Kalbazan drank Miradona's blood and became the dark dragon Gerxel, he annihilated Reeve within one year. However, the hero Carluon eventually defeated him with Utna's help. Afterwards, Carluon and Utna became the rulers of the Reeve Empire.

After Carluon's death, the nobles and senators divided the Empire into four kingdoms: Reeve, Salia, Canaan, and Leda. The Kingdom of Reeve was ruled by the descendants of one of Carluon's daughters, Reeve. Throughout the years, it continued to persecute the Zoans by publicly executing them and enslaving their children. The recent king ignored the corruption and tyranny of the Reevan nobility and continually betrayed the trust of other kingdoms, resulting in a war. It was eventually invaded by the reborn Zoa Empire, and collapsed after the Tragedy of Nolzeria, in which Lord Glamdr of Razelia and Prince Arless of Canaan were killed by the Water Dragon, Muse.

The only surviving direct member of the royal family is Princess Maeve. The queen died of grief after Maeve was kidnapped by Naris to be used for his own political ambitions. Rentzenheimer, the son of Duke Dolmu of Zemseria, is related to the royal family through his mother.

Known People from ReeveEdit

  • Denoas - The leader of the Republic of Reeve.
  • Carluon - The first emperor of Reeve and a legendary hero.
  • Utna - The empress of Reeve, believed to be Miradona's daughter.
  • Enteh - Princess Maeve of Reeve and the Shaman of Water.
  • Tatus - A duke from Reeve and Enteh's betrothed.
  • Mios - The Sage of Light and Naris's father.
  • Naris - A royal court mage who was obsessed with power.
  • Rishel - The son of Naris, and the successor of fire.
  • Meriah - The daughter of Naris, and the successor of light.
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