The Map of Chapter 17A

Remi is a region located in western Ilia featured in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade and is the setting of Chapter 17A:The Path Through the Ocean. The region's defenses include Castle Remi, located on the Ilian border, which was entrusted to the Etrurian traitor Arcard by General Murdock of Bern.

The geography of the area around Castle Remi is worthy of note. The approach to the castle is blocked by a large ocean bay, forcing attackers to take a longer route. However, during low tide, a large sandbar is uncovered at certain times of day, leaving a more direct path to Castle Remi exposed. Arcard and his rebel Etrurian forces were unaware of this, as they were not familiar with the area. This weakness can be taken advantage of starting on turn 6 of the chapter.

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