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“Already a day behind Dorias, Leif's forces were finally rested and ready. He was just about to march for Ulster when a most unexpected message was delivered to him. It was this moment that marked Leif's beginning down a long road of hardship...”
—Opening Narration

Remorse and Retaliation is Chapter 19 of Fire Emblem: Thracia 776.


Houses are ordered from top to bottom:

  • Heal staff (first)
  • Wind tome (second)
  • Holy Water (third)
  • Silver Sword (fourth)
  • Killer Lance (fifth)
  • Speed Ring (sixth)
  • Holy Water (seventh)
  • Heal staff (eighth)
  • Magic Up staff (ninth)
  • Knight's Crest (if all civilians are rescued)


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Subjective: The following part of this article is based upon the editor's personal experiences and opinions, and therefore may not be applicable for all readers.

This chapter can be relatively easy or incredibly difficult depending on how your units are arranged and there is unfortunately little you can do to mitigate that. Ideally, you want as many mounted units to start toward the bottom of the map, but you have very limited control over their starting placements so you will likely have to work around them. The basic strategy for this map is to grab all four civilians (if you want another Knight's Crest) and rush your units upward toward the castle in the upper part of the map. Reinforcements will be constantly arriving and the enemies have very powerful weapons making it difficult to stand your ground. You can use the Rescue staff if absolutely necessary or a Rewarp staff if an A rank stave user started there. If you intend to grab a civilian before doing the latter, be careful on the turn you rescue them as you will be very vulnerable.

Most of the houses have mediocre items so don't worry too much about stopping the Thieves. You can use a flyer to grab the specific items you want early and ignore the rest if getting all of them proves too difficult. The only other thing to do whilst escaping is try to recruit Conomore (if you took the B route) or Amalda (if you took the A route) with Miranda or Sleuf respectively. This is a dangerous proposition considering how frail the units you need to use are so be ready with a Rescue staff or a few units to block them off. Once you've recruited either Conomore or Amalda, their troops will assist you as neutral units.

Once you have gotten to the north castle, you can also opt to turn and fight the reinforcements for EXP using the bridge as a choke point. With support from Nanna and a King Sword holder, this can be a perfect time to level your newly promoted Leif up to 20 while also using scrolls to patch up his weaknesses. Once they are taken care of or you have been overrun, move everyone to the exit and go to the next chapter.


  • In a series first, the minimap for this chapter actually exceeds the size of the screen lengthwise.