Rend Heaven (破天 Haten) is a Skill in Fire Emblem Fates.


When activated, the user will add half the enemy's Strength (if the enemy has a physical weapon) or Magic (if the enemy has a magical weapon) to their total damage. It is learned by Basara at Level 5 or higher.

This skill can mostly be used effectively by any unit with high skill, as it will add half of the enemy's most prominent stat towards your damage count. It is also easy to activate because of the fact that it is activated by multiplying the user's Skill stat by 1.5 and then converting that into a percent. This is very good for high skill units such as Takumi or any other Sniper as they tend to lean towards a having higher skill stat.


Fire Emblem FatesEdit

Name Activation Capacity
Breaking Sky (Skill) Rend Heaven (Skill x1.5)% -
Effects Deal half foe's Str or Mag as bonus damage.
Notes Class Skill of Level 5 Basaras.