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Emmeryn's death devastates Chrom, but the Avatar offers words of support. They depart for Plegia to settle matters with King Gangrel once and for all.”
—Opening Narration

Renewal is Chapter 10 of Fire Emblem Awakening.


Renewal (Chapter)/Script


Secret Book (Artwork)
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The player must fight off a group of Plegians sent by Gangrel to stop their retreat. The only objective in this level is to defeat Mustafa, although there are plenty of other items that should not be missed. The Thieves move slowly and each one carries valuables, and Mustafa's group won't deal with them. It is best to bring high-movement units to catch up to the Thieves before they escape with the valuables, which include a Master Seal, Bullion (M), Wyrmslayer, and a Seraph Robe. Some reinforcements may arrive, but only deal with them if you are going for experience points; defeat Mustafa if your units are not strong enough.

In addition, the Plegian (Including Mustafa's and Mustafa himself) units gradually have their overall stats decreased. This may be largely due to the fact that the soldiers start to feel more and more guilty about their violent actions against the Ylissean. This will not affect the 3 Ruffian enemies. Therefore, it is possible to level grind a little bit with the extra reinforcements that will appear, but don't get into it too much; the Plegians can still prove to be lethal, though much less so.


  • Several Wyvern Riders appear from the forts on the right on turn 5. Two more then appear from the forts on the left.

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