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Renown (名声ボーナス Meisei bōnasu, Fame Bonus in the Japanese version) is a game mechanic that was first introduced in Fire Emblem Awakening. It is a system of points earned through various gameplay features that can be spent on in-game items and mechanics.


Beginning with Fire Emblem Awakening and continuing with the games that followed through Three Houses, Renown points can be earned for completing or accomplishing certain in-game tasks, the nature of which vary from game to game. Any Renown earned can then be spent on features such as in-game items or gameplay boosters. In most games that feature Renown, the total carries over into new games started while clear data is present (taking the highest value if more than one clear data file is detected), or in the case of Three Houses, starting a New Game+.

Earning Renown



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Shadows of Valentia

In Shadows of Valentia, Renown is for the most part used as a scoring mechanic to compare with other players. Renown can be earned in five ways:

  • Recruiting characters.
  • Defeating bosses.
  • Defeating generic enemies.
  • Clearing subquests.
  • Obtaining Rewards.

For all forms of Renown gain other than obtaining rewards, if the player is playing on Hard difficulty, each amount of Renown gained is multiplied by ×1.25, and, if the player is playing on Classic mode, by ×1.1. These bonuses can stack, such that a player playing on Hard Classic mode will receive a multiplier of ×1.375.

Unlike in previous games, Renown does not carry over between save files, with the exception of Renown earned from rewards, as the rewards themselves are shared between save files.

Three Houses

In Three Houses, renown is earned two different ways:

  • Clear a non-chapter battle: 100 points.
  • Clear a quest: Varies (200, 300, or 500 points).

Cindered Shadows

After clearing the Cindered Shadows storyline, the player can get a reward of 10,000 Renown.

After the player gains access to Abyss, they can use the Pagan Altar to trade Storehouse Items in exchange for Renown. The amount of Renown gained depends on the item, ranging from 1 to 30 Renown per item. They may also spend Renown in exchange for various items, though there is an overflow glitch when spending more than 65,535 Renown (ie, if a player spends 65,636 Renown at once, they'll receive the agreed items yet only spend 1 Renown in practice).

Renown Use


In Awakening, Renown can be used to aquire each item on the below table once per game file. The Renown is not spent as a currency; rather, the player simply must earn the total required to unlock the item.

Item Renown
Glass Sword 50
Second Seal 100
Orsin's Hatchet 150
Seed of Trust 210
Levin Sword 270
Energy Drop 330
Beast Killer 400
Spirit Dust 470
Celica's Gale 550
Secret Book 630
Longbow 720
Ephraim's Lance 810
Goddess Icon 900
Bullion (L) 1,000
Speedwing 1,200
Leif's Blade 1,500
Bolt Axe 1,800
Seraph Robe 2,200
Innes' Bow 2,600
Mercurius 3,000
Dracoshield 3,500
Noble Rapier 4,000
Tiki's Tear 4,500
Parthia 5,000
Sigurd's Lance 5,750
Talisman 6,500
Hector's Axe 7,250
Alm's Blade 8,000
Micaiah's Pyre 9,000
Gradivus 10,000
Naga's Tear 30,000
Boots 50,000
Supreme Emblem 99,999

Three Houses

In Three Houses, Renown is almost exclusively used in a New Game+ file, though there are options to spend it on a new file playthrough.

On all playthroughs, Renown can be spent to restore statues of the Four Saints, which unlocks various growth bonuses. These bonuses include weapon skill experience gains while tutoring, regular experience point growth, battalion experience, and class experience gain. Additional Divine Pulse charges can also be unlocked. Statue restoration progress carries over into a New Game+ between playthroughs, and 10,000 Renown is needed to completely renovate a single Saint Statue.

In a New Game+, Renown may be spent on Byleth's Journal for various purposes:

  • Restore Support levels between Byleth and other characters up to their highest level in previous playthroughs (400 points per level per character).
  • Restore weapon skills, class certifications and masteries, up to the highest level achieved in previous playthroughs (500 per level per skill/class).
  • Restore Byleth's Professor Level up to the highest level achieved in previous playthroughs (500 per level).
  • Purchase Dragon Signs. A character in possession of a Dragon Sign gains the power of an associated Crest (1,000 per Dragon Sign).
    • The availability of Dragon Signs is dependent on actions taken during the previous playthrough of the game, which will result in select Dragon Signs already being present in the player's inventory on starting a New Game+.

Cindered Shadows

After the player gains access to Abyss, they can spend Renown with the Influencer. By spending Renown to Inspire Worship, they will unlock the ability to spend Renown for weapons and items at the Pagan Altar. Additional services include: Encourage Recycling, which allows a small, random selection of degraded or rusted weapons to be found in the Scrap Heap every month; Reduce Inn Prices, unlocking the Mysterious Teacher to check your characters' stats; Summon the Wayseer, an NPC who can use spent Renown to strengthen bonds between allies (and also ensure certain characters end up with each other); and Organize the Shadow Library, which allows access to numerous banned books that detail new truths about Fodlan.

Item Renown
Brave Sword 800 (Limited: 3)
Killing Edge 600
Levin Sword 600 (Limited: 3)
Rapier 600 (Limited: 3)
Devil Sword 600 (Limited: 3)
Wo Dao 900 (Limited: 3)
Venin Edge 400
Iron Sword+ 400
Steel Sword+ 600
Silver Sword+ 800
Training Sword+ 300
Brave Lance 800 (Limited: 3)
Killer Lance 700
Spear 800 (Limited: 3)
Blessed Lance 600 (Limited: 3)
Venin Lance 400
Iron Lance+ 500
Steel Lance+ 600
Silver Lance+ 800
Training Lance+ 400
Brave Axe 800 (Limited: 3)
Killer Axe 700
Bolt Axe 700 (Limited: 3)
Tomahawk 900 (Limited: 3)
Devil Axe 600 (Limited: 3)
Venin Axe 400
Iron Axe+ 500
Steel Axe+ 600
Silver Axe+ 900
Training Axe+ 400
Brave Bow 800 (Limited: 3)
Killer Bow 700
Magic Bow 700 (Limited: 3)
Longbow 800 (Limited: 3)
Blessed Bow 600 (Limited: 3)
Venin Bow 400
Iron Bow+ 500
Steel Bow+ 600
Silver Bow+ 800
Training Bow+ 400
Dragon Claws 1000 (Limited: 3)
Killer Knuckles 1000
Aura Knuckles 1000 (Limited: 3)
Iron Gauntlets+ 400
Steel Gauntlets+ 500
Silver Gauntlets+ 700
Training Gauntlets+ 300