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Renown (Fame Points in the Japanese version) is a game mechanic that appears in Fire Emblem Awakening and returns in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Renown can be used to obtain rewards outside of battle via the Communications menu, like the Second Seal or Celica's Gale. When starting a new game, and clear data is available, the data with the highest amount of Renown will be transferred over.

How to Earn RenownEdit

The easiest way to obtain large amounts of Renown is to repeatedly hire and fire low-cost SpotPass teams. Xenologue 13 is useful for obtaining the funds for that very purpose.

In Three Houses, renown is earned two different ways:

  • Clear a non-chapter battle: 100 points.
  • Clear a quest: Varies (200, 300, or 500 points).

Renown Use Edit

In Three Houses, Renown is almost exclusively used in a New Game+, though there are options to spend it on the first playthrough.

On all playthroughs, renown can be spent to restore statues of the Four Saints, which accelerate weapon skill, experience, battalion experience, and class experience gain, and unlock extra uses of Divine Pulse. Progress is kept between playthroughs, so it is often recommended to max out the statues at the earliest opportunity.

On subsequent playthroughs, renown may be spent on Byleth's Journal,which can do the following:

  • Restore support levels between Byleth and other characters up to their highest level in previous playthroughs (400 points per level per character)
  • Restore weapon skills, and class certifications and masteries, up to the highest level achieved in previous playthroughs (300 per level per skill/class)
  • Restore Byleth's Professor level up to the highest level achieved in previous playthroghs (500 per level)
  • Add use of Crest to characters that do not have that specific crest (300 per Crest per character).

In Awakening, Renown is used to purchase rewards using the table below.

List of Renown Awards and CostsEdit

Note: This only applies to Awakening. Each item can only be exchanged once per game file. Renown is not consumed after an exchange.

Item Renown
Glass Sword 50
Second Seal 100
Orsin's Hatchet 150
Seed of Trust 210
Levin Sword 270
Energy Drop 330
Beast Killer 400
Spirit Dust 470
Celica's Gale 550
Secret Book 630
Longbow 720
Ephraim's Lance 810
Goddess Icon 900
Bullion (L) 1,000
Speedwing 1,200
Leif's Blade 1,500
Bolt Axe 1,800
Seraph Robe 2,200
Innes' Bow 2,600
Mercurius 3,000
Dracoshield 3,500
Noble Rapier 4,000
Tiki's Tear 4,500
Parthia 5,000
Sigurd's Lance 5,750
Talisman 6,500
Hector's Axe 7,250
Alm's Blade 8,000
Micaiah's Pyre 9,000
Gradivus 10,000
Naga's Tear 30,000
Boots 50,000
Supreme Emblem 99,999

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