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“Bahanuke is no father of mine. My father was the King of Sofia, who he murdered on his quest to unify Zoa. No, I will not hesitate.”
—Reshe, in a conversation with Barker and Julius

Reshe (レシエ, fan translated as Resshea) is a non-playable character from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. She is the daughter of King Bahanuke of Canaan and the younger half-sister of Arless, Barker, and Julius. She was raised by the ruling family of the Dukedom of Sofia.


After her mother was murdered by Karla, Reshe informed Bahanuke about it, but he refused to believe her and dismissed it as a child's tale. It is mentioned that Arless often quarreled with Bahanuke to defend Reshe. Following her adoptive father's death at the hands of Bahanuke, she joined the Arial Mercenaries led by Sennet and began fighting against the reborn Zoa Empire.

Reshe is introduced when the Arial Mercenaries come to the aid of Holmes's army during a battle in Leda. Alongside Verna, she serves as the vanguard of the mercenaries. She also orders Silva to act as a guardian for Neyfa. Later in the game, Reshe conspires with Barker and Julius to kill their father in order to end the war. When Julius points out her lack of hesitation, she declares that she considers the duke of Sofia to be her true father.



Starting ClassGroup
Dragon KnightTS group flying.png Flying
SkillsWeaponStarting Items
TS Continue.gifContinueTS Lance.pngLanceLeda Lance Icon.gif☆Leda Lance
Magic Shield.gifMagic Shield


“Kuh... I can't believe it... I will withdraw for the time being.”
—Reshe's defeat quote