“Having parted ways with Edelgard, former students of the Black Eagle House now work alongside the Knights of Seiros at Garreg Mach. They begin to form a resistance army strong enough to take on her Imperial Forces.”

The Resistance Army is Byleth's main force should they side with the Church of Seiros in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.


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If the conditions to unlock Edelgard's Crimson Flower route are not met, the game will default to the Silver Snow route with the Church. Awakening from a five-year coma, Byleth meets Edelgard in the ruins of Garreg Mach. Unable to accept the depths Edelgard has fallen to achieve her goals, Byleth clashes with her one final time before they part ways. After reuniting with Seteth and the students of the Black Eagles, they clear out bandits from the monastery and make it their base of operations.

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By default, the Resistance Army consists of Byleth, members of the Church of Seiros (such as Flayn and Catherine), and almost everyone in the Black Eagle house (with some exceptions for story reasons), though any students Byleth recruited pre-timeskip will also be present.

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