A Retainer is a specifically chosen knight and soldier who is assigned to members of royalty.


As members of royalty, many Lord characters have specific soldiers who serve as retainers to them, both protecting them and performing tasks for them. Most Lords have one or two retainers assigned to them that follow them on their journey and are among their most trusted allies. Members of the Jagen archetype typically take on this role, though are not exclusively.

Retainers play a larger role in Fire Emblem Fates as each of the royal siblings of Hoshido and Nohr each has two retainers that accompany them in battle. Corrin of Fates has three starting retainers, Jakob, Felicia, and Gunter, but can later have Kaze as a Retainer if they achieve an A-Rank support with him.

Notable RetainersEdit

Archanea Series Edit

  • Jagen - Retainer to Marth.
  • Cain - Retainer to Marth.
  • Abel - Retainer to Marth.
  • Frey - Retainer to Marth.
  • Linde - Retainer of Nyna. The Mage daughter of Miloah, and inheritor to the Aura tome.
  • Wolf - Retainer to Hardin. Horseman descended from the plains people of Aurelis and later establishes the Wolfguard.
  • Orridyon - Retainer of Michalis and former retainer of Minerva. A boss character.

Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War Edit

  • Alec - Retainer of Sigurd of the Chalphy house.
  • Naoise - Retainer of Sigurd of the Chalphy house.
  • Arden - Retainer of Sigurd of the Chalphy house.
  • Midir - Retainer of the Jungby house.

Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade Edit

Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade Edit

Fire Emblem: The Sacred StonesEdit

Tellius Series Edit

Fire Emblem AwakeningEdit

Fire Emblem FatesEdit


  • Orochi - Retainer of Mikoto. An old-fashioned speaking Diviner who comes from a long line of Hoshidan prophets.
  • Reina - Retainer of Mikoto. A motherly and down to earth Kinshi Knight, but also bloodthirsty in battle.
  • Yukimura - Retainer of Mikoto and former retainer of King Sumeragi. A skilled Hoshidan tactician and Mechanist.
  • Saizo - Retainer of Ryoma. The Fifth leader of the Igasato Ninja clan.
  • Kagero - Retainer to Ryoma and former retainer of Mikoto by reassignment. A skilled Kunoichi.
  • Azama - Retainer of Hinoka. A Monk with a strong sense of sarcasm and sharp tounge.
  • Setsuna - Retainer of Hinoka. An absentminded Archer with a penchant for falling into traps.
  • Hinata - Retainer of Takumi. An easygoing Samurai who loves to test his mettle and brashness.
  • Oboro - Retainer of Takumi. A fashion savvy Spear Fighter with a grudge against Nohr.
  • Hana - Retainer of Sakura. A tomboyish Samurai from a long line of Samurai who served the Hoshidan royal family.
  • Subaki - Retainer of Sakura. A Sky Knight with a perfectionist mentality.


  • Iago - Retainer of Garon. A greedy but cowardly Sorcerer and general of the Nohrian army.
  • Hans - Retainer of Garon. A notorious and merciless Berserker who had been a criminal.
  • Zola - Retainer of Garon. A deceiving but cowardly Sorcerer who captured the archduke Izana and took the Hoshidan princess Sakura as a hostage for his own safety.
  • Flora - Retainer of Corrin. A skillful but cold hearted Maid from the Ice Tribe.
  • Laslow - Retainer of Xander. A Mercenary from an unknown land. While hardworking and somewhat shy, he has a habit of flirting with every woman he meets.
  • Peri - Retainer of Xander. A childish Cavalier with a strong bloodlust and killer instinct.
  • Beruka - Retainer of Camilla. A taciturn former assassin turned Wyvern Rider.
  • Selena - Retainer of Camilla. A Mercenary from an unknown land who is hardworking and competitive with a snarky attitude.
  • Niles - Retainer of Leo. A sadistic Outlaw who tends to speak in double entendres.
  • Odin - Retainer of Leo. A Dark Mage from an unknown land. Tends to showboat in battle by shouting grandiose names for his attacks.
  • Effie - Retainer of Elise. A Knight whose dainty appearance disguises her herculean strength and voracious appetite.
  • Arthur - Retainer of Elise. A "Hero of Justice" Fighter who is addled by his comically severe bad luck.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Edit


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