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“Transported to Altea’s outskirts by Gotoh’s mighty Warp magic, Marth and his army finally began the battle to liberate their homeland. However, General Eibel, commander of the Archanean army, ordered the Gra knights to attack, in order to buy time. In the meantime, he prepared his own devious tactics with the aim of crushing the Altean army in one fell swoop. With their dear homeland before them, Marth and the others start yet another battle. “Recapture Anri, our capital! We shall now reclaim our homeland!” Prince Marth’s voice resounded through the serene skies of Altea. One of the objectives of their long and difficult journey was already within reach.”
—Opening Narration, Shin Monsho
“Marth and the others were transported to Aritia's outskirts by Gato's magic. They were ready to begin the battle to reclaim their homeland. The commander of Akaneia's army, General Eibel, had ordered the Gra Knights to charge, to buy time. At the same time he prepared many dishonourable tactics, and waited for the chance to defeat Aritia's army in one swift blow. Before his fond homeland, Marth's battles were about to begin once again. "We will reclaim our capital of Anri!! We will reclaim our homeland!!" Prince Marth's voice resounded through Aritia's skies. They had travelled a difficult journey, but their destination was finally reached.”
—Opening Narration, Mystery of the Emblem

Return of the Prince is Chapter 15 of Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem and its remake.

To the left of your starting point, there are two villages. Once one is visited, you will be unable to visit the other. The right village contains an Energy Drop. The left village contains a Dracoshield.

The general in the jail with Est will not attack unless the door is unlocked OR Abel is recruited. 

Also, Abel will attack anyone except Est. Unless you are playing FE3, then Abel will attack her too if she's mounted past turn 1.

Enemy Reinforcements

The following is an incomplete list:

  • On Turn 7 and Turn 8, two thieves will appear on the forts of the central island and a paladin will appear on the fort near the jail's south door. Two Cavaliers, a Horseman and a Mage will appear on the forts in the top left portion of the map.
  • On Turn 11, two Horseman will appear on the forts of the central island.


Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem

Armory 1

Items Price
Iron Sword 420
Steel Sword 760
Iron Lance 380
Steel Lance 560
Iron Bow 330
Steel Bow 560

Armory 2

Items Price
Killing Edge 1100
Silver Sword 2000
Javelin 600
Killer Lance 1200
Silver Lance 1600
Silver Bow 2200

Vendor 1

Items Price
Fire 500
Thunder 630
Blizzard 690
Elfire 900
Heal 1000
Mend 1600

Vendor 2

Items Price
Vulnerary 300
Pure Water 1200
Door Key 500
Chest Key 500
Bridge Key 1000

Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem

Armory 1

Items Price
Iron Sword 400
Steel Sword 875
Silver Sword 2000
Rapier 1120
Iron Lance 480
Steel Lance 980
Silver Lance 2200
Javelin 750
Wing Spear 1120

Armory 2

Items Price
Iron Axe 320
Steel Axe 700
Silver Axe 1600
Hand Axe 540
Iron Bow 440
Steel Bow 770
Silver Bow 2100

Vendor 1

Items Price
Fire 300
Thunder 420
Blizzard 690
Elfire 1260
Heal 800
Mend 1280

Vendor 2

Items Price
Door Key 300
Vulnerary 360
Pure Water 600


  • The map for the chapter is the exact same one for Chapter 16 of Shadow Dragon.