“Vile thieves run rampant. They pillage and loot to their heart's content. I must kill them. Every last one. It's time to hunt down their nest.”

Reunion at Dawn is the first chapter of the Azure Moon route, accessed when Byleth chooses the Blue Lions house. In this chapter Byleth is reunited with Dimitri and the rest of the Blue Lions.

Dedue will not rejoin in this chapter, and neither will Lorenz if he was recruited before the end of previous chapter.


A mysterious voice urges Byleth to wake from slumber. When Byleth awakes, they find themselves in a village near the base of Garreg Mach Monastery. A villager answers Byleth's questions and tells them that they it is the Ethereal Moon of the year 1185 and the day before the millennium festival. Byleth sets out for the monastery despite the villager's warnings about bandits.

Inside the monastery Byleth discovers Dimitri. Dimitri thinks that Byleth is a ghost come to haunt him. After convincing Dimitri that they are alive, Byleth follows Dimitri to the cathedral where he reveals his mission to hunt down a gang of thieves near the monastery. Dimitri leaves to battle the thieves and Byleth follows to assist him. As Byleth and Dimitri battle the thieves the Blue Lions and Gilbert come to their aid, and at the end of the battle they are reunited. Byleth learns that the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus is in turmoil and that Dimitri is determined to destroy Edelgard in revenge for all that has happened.


Only Dimitri and Byleth are available at the start of the battle.

As the battle unfolds, the Blue Lions will slowly rejoin the fight starting with Gilbert and Ashe in the northwest corner of the map and Annette and Mercedes in the southwest. Shortly after, Felix, Sylvain, and Ingrid appear in the Northeast. This is the only route in which Gilbert is recruitable.

All other students that Byleth recruited prior to Chapter 12 will become available at the end of the Chapter. If War for the Weak was completed, Dedue will be playable, but not for a few chapters. If it was not completed, he is not playable for the rest of the route. If Lorenz was recruited into the Blue Lions, he will also not appear initially. He will reappear in Chapter 16 as an enemy, but can re-recruited if Byleth is the one to defeat him in that chapter.

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