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“It is Imperial Year 1185. Nearly five years have passed since the fall of the monastery at Garreg Mach, and war continues to plague the lands of Fódlan. Fhirdiad has been captured. The Holy Kingdom of Faerghus is in shambles. The Leicester Alliance is on the verge of collapse, fractured by two opposing factions–those who support the Adrestian Empire and its ruler, and those who seek her demise. Meanwhile, under Emperor Edelgard’s rule of law, the Adrestian Empire continues to expand its reach. The path to a new Fódlan, unified by Imperial strength, may yet be in sight.”


Waking after five years of slumber, Byleth returns to Garreg Mach Monastery and reunites with Seteth, who is intent on driving out thieving bandits that have taken up residence in the years since the members of the Church abandoned the grounds to search for Rhea. Byleth agrees to help, but the pair are soon joined by familiar faces.




Initial enemies



Player Reinforcement Placements

As the battle progresses, all Black Eagles students that have survived to this point in the game and that remain loyal to Byleth will return:

Turn 3

After passing the 8th Column

Any students recruited from other houses and additional non-student recruits acquired in the Academy Phase of the game will rejoin the player's ranks upon the chapter's conclusion, except for Ashe and Lorenz, who can be re-recruited in chapters 15 and 16 respectively.

Pallardó will prioritize escaping once the decoy is defeated.

When Pallardó is defeated, the real one appears, with the lackeys accompanying him depending on where he comes from:



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Because there is no preparation screen prior to this chapter, all planning must be done before the previous map. Since all weapons equipped to Byleth, Seteth, and the Black Eagle students will be fully repaired, it is recommended to fill their inventories with damaged weapons that will be useful in this map beforehand. 

When Byleth and Seteth are alone, you can lead both of them to the forest to the northeast of the starting position for increased evasion and fewer enemy encounters to deal with. If Seteth is a Wyvern Lord, he should dismount in the trees next to Byleth. Having Byleth as a Bishop allows extra uses of Nosferatu and the possibility of having Renewal. If that is the case, you can leave Byleth alone in the forest, and the combination of Faith prowess, Faith avoid from Byleth’s budding talent, and the forest should provide enough evasion to dodge most attacks, and Nosferatu and Renewal would heal whatever damage is accumulated.

Since most of the enemy units in this map use swords, equipping your units with Swordbreaker beforehand is advised. Seteth should have this skill, and Ferdinand may have it if he has been promoted to Paladin already. Conversely, axe users will be detrimental, especially in Maddening difficulty where the sword users have high evasion, and many have Axebreaker. Gauntlets and the Bombard combat art will give Caspar enough power to defeat most enemies without being hit, though some enemies may need to be softened up from a magic attack from Dorothea or Byleth or a Javelin from Seteth, and Healing Focus and Dorothea can provide his healing in case he is targeted by enemies.

If Petra has been promoted to a flying class, she can be left to draw attention from archers targeting Byleth by Waiting in the forests while dismounted, activating Alert Stance. Her high evasion assures she won’t be hit more than once. She can easily cross the threshold to allow the second wave of reinforcements to spawn very early.


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