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It is Imperial Year 1185. Nearly five years have passed since the fall of the monastery at Garreg Mach, and war continues to plague the lands of Fódlan. Fhirdiad has been captured. The Holy Kingdom of Faerghus is in shambles. The Leicester Alliance is on the verge of collapse, fractured by two opposing factions–those who support the Adrestian Empire and its ruler, and those who seek her demise. Meanwhile, under Emperor Edelgard’s rule of law, the Adrestian Empire continues to expand its reach. The path to a new Fódlan, unified by Imperial strength, may yet be in sight.

Event: Revival Edit Edit

(A black screen.) Edit
  • ???: You… How long do you intend to sleep? Your body is

awake. Your eyes must open now, and you must find the strength to stand upon those legs of yours. Like so much rain, a pool of blood has fallen to the ground… As spears and arrows pierce the earth, it weeps. And even now…it weeps. In order to survive, they kill. And so, the people of this world are lost in an abyss of suffering. They weep as well. The only one who truly knows the nature of such things is I… Or rather, you.

  • Byleth's choices
    • Choice 1: I'm still sleepy.
    • Choice 2: Who?
  • ???:
    • Choice 1 response: You are a complete and utter fool! Have you not changed one bit?!
    • Choice 2 response: Excuse me?! Are you saying you have forgotten who I am? How dare you!
  • ???: Get on your feet. Right now! I'll coddle you no more! You are just like a child, always needing me to hold your hand...
Farming Village | Nighttime Edit
  • Villager: Hey! A-are you awake?
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: Where am I?
    • Choice 2: Who are you?
  • Villager:
    • Choice 1 response: We’re in a village at the base of the monastery. What are you doing in a place like this?
    • Choice 2 response: I’m just a villager here. What are you doing in a place like this?
  • Villager: I honestly didn’t expect to find someone

floating away down the river… Garreg Mach is upstream of here, but that place was abandoned.

  • Byleth: What do you mean?
  • Villager: Huh? You don’t know? The Church of Seiros

isn’t there anymore. Though there have been some folks still living there in the five years since… Well, you know. Anyway, I’ve heard some thieves have been spotted around those parts these days.

  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: Five years.
    • Choice 2: What year is it?
  • Villager: Um, are you feeling all right? You didn’t hit

your head or anything did you? It’s the Ethereal Moon of the year 1185. It’s been nearly five years since the monastery fell. Tomorrow was supposed to be the millennium festival, but who’s got time to think about things like that?

  • Byleth: The millennium festival...
  • Villager: Uh, yeah, that’s what I said. But with the

war and the archbishop still missing and all… I doubt there’s a soul to be found who has enough blessings worth counting. Hey! Slow down, will ya? Where do you think you’re going?

  • Byleth: The monastery.
  • Villager: Are you crazy?! I told ya! They say thieves are running amok up there, and there’s plenty of other dangers too. I heard a rumor that Imperial troops went up there to investigate and got slaughtered. Every last one! Come on, I promise I won’t say you’re a coward. Just forget about going anywhere near the monastery.

(Byleth shakes head.)

  • Villager: You just remember I tried to stop you, got it? It’s not on my conscience if you wind up dead!
  • Byleth's choices:
    • Choice 1 - My students are waiting for me.
      • Villager - Choice 1 response: Students? You really are crazy, aren’t you? There aren’t any kids anywhere near that place anymore!
    • Choice 2 - No need to worry about me.

(Byleth walks away.)

  • Villager: Unbelievable…

Movie: Reunion: Verdant Wind Edit

(Byleth walks up the stairs of the monastery. When they reach the top they see a figure, standing by an open doorway. It is none other than Claude. He notices Byleth.)

  • Claude: Huh?

(He smiles and chuckles softly, happy to see his former mentor again.)

  • Claude: You overslept, Teach. Pretty rude to keep a fella waiting like that, wouldn't you say?

(As Claude speaks, Byleth approaches him. They make a surprised look.)

  • Claude: What's with that surprised look, my friend?

(Claude walks up to Byleth)

  • Claude: You didn't really think I'd given up -- on you coming back, did you?

(Claude looks out the open way, at the rising sun in the sky)

  • Claude: Can you feel it? A new dawn is finally here. Not just for us, though. No, for all of Fodlan.

(The scene fades out.)

Hunting by Daybreak Edit

Victory Conditions: Defeat the enemy commander.
Defeat Conditions: All of your units fall in battle.

During Battle Edit

(Hilda speaks to Byleth)

  • Hilda: Professor! Boy am I glad to see you. How did we end up in this situation?

(Ignatz speaks to Byleth)

  • Ignatz: Professor, it's been too long! I do want to chat, but first let's handle these criminals.

(Leonie speaks to Byleth)

  • Leonie: You've been alive all this time?! Where have you been hiding?! Never mind - talk later!

(Lorenz speaks to Byleth)

  • Lorenz: We have much to discuss. But first, let us dispense with the riffraff. It is a noble's duty, after all!

(Lysithea speaks to Byleth)

  • Lysithea: Ugh. The instant we arrive, we're neck deep in battle. We should've arrived late.

(Marianne speaks to Byleth)

  • Marianna: P-Professor? Is it really you?

(Raphael speaks to Byleth)

  • Raphael: Is that really you, Professor? It's been so long! I thought I'd never see you again!
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