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“Carcino has betrayed Frelia and joined forces with Grado. Carcino's troops stop Prince Innes, blocking his way to Jehanna. With soldiers occupying the road forward and back, he is trapped in a hopeless situation. Eirika rushes to the prince's aid.”
—Opening Narration

Revolt at Carcino is the 10th chapter of Eirika's route of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. This is the first chapter where the player can fight Pablo, who can be fought in a couple of occasions in the game.


See Revolt at Carcino/Script.


New Characters

Name Recruitment Items Class
Innes NPC, talk with Tana or Eirika, or keep alive Silver Bow, White Gem, Vulnerary Sniper
Gerik NPC, talk with Innes or Tethys, or keep alive (if Tethys dies in this chapter, Gerik will leave) Steel Blade, Vulnerary, Hero Crest Mercenary
Tethys NPC, talk with Gerik or Innes, or keep alive (if Gerik dies in this chapter, Tethys will leave) Elixir, Vulnerary, Goddess Icon Dancer
Marisa Enemy, talk with Gerik Shamshir, Vulnerary Myrmidon

Initial Enemy


  • Turn 2: Two Brigands from the eastern mountains
  • Turn 3: Two Brigands from the eastern mountains
  • Turn 4: Two Brigands from the eastern mountains
  • Turn 5: Two Brigands from the eastern mountains
  • Once Marisa is recruited, but not if she is killed, one turn later Pegasus Knights and a Falcoknight appear from the south western mountains and Cavaliers and a Ranger appear from the south east.

Dropped Items


  • At the end of the chapter, Valter arrives in search of Eirika, which is a nod to Chapter 10 of Ephraim's route, Turning Traitor. After tricking Selena into returning from Grado, he tells Beran that he would head north to find Eirika.