The Ribahn River is a location in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. It was a tributary of the Miscale River, crossing the northern half of Begnion and emptying into the sea towards the southwest. The Laguz Alliance seized the Begnion forts Flaguerre and Mugill, which fortified the northern side of the river, and crossed the Ribahn River to invade Begnion. However, the betrayal of Naesala and the ravens of Kilvas and the arrival of the Begnion Central Army forced Alliance forces back to their held forts, causing a stalemate between the two armies.

In order to break the stalemate, Soren devised a plan where the Laguz Alliance staged a frontal assault on Central Army positions. Meanwhile, Ranulf led a force of hawk-carried beast laguz behind enemy lines to prevent the Begnion general, Zelgius, from being able to observe and direct the battle. The battle was a diversion to allow the Greil Mercenaries to raid Begnion's main supply camp, forcing Zelgius' Central Army to fall back to defend their supply lines and break the stalemate between the opposing forces. The strategy ultimately succeeded, though Ranulf was nearly killed in the process.

Later during the campaign, the Laguz Alliance attempted to retreat across the river after the defeat of Skrimir in a duel against Zelgius. However, they were ambushed by a Daein force led by Micaiah, leading to heavy losses. The unexpected entrance of Daein into the war, on the side of Begnion, caused the Laguz Alliance to despair. However, with the help of Ike's mercenaries, the Laguz Alliance was able to slip past Daein defenses and flee through the Kauku Caves.

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