Rightful King (王の器, Ō no utsuwa, lit. Royal Weapon in the Japanese version, Majesté in the French version, Supremazia in the Italian version, Rey legítimo in the Spanish version) is a skill introduced in Fire Emblem: Awakening. It is learned by Great Lords at Level 15.

Affected Skills

Rightful King will boost the activation rates of the following skills by 10%:


If Chrom marries Maribelle, Olivia, or the Avatar then Brady, Inigo, and male Morgan will always inherit this skill from him. If Brady or Inigo, who is fathered by Chrom, marries the Avatar, then Morgan can inherit this skill, provided it is the last skill equipped on their skill set at the beginning of Paralogue 12.


Learned By

By Inheritance

  • Brady with Chrom as father
  • Inigo with Chrom as father
  • Morgan (Male) with Chrom as father or from a Brady or Inigo fathered by Chrom



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