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Riku Suzumoto is a character in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE.


Riku is a secondary character that appears exclusively in Touma Akagi's side stories. He is first seen in Touma's first side quest, "Thrust to the Future" at the Toubo Rooftop, in which he complains that the Masqueraider stage show that just put on was lame, drawing Touma's attention. Riku also criticizes Touma himself for being excited for such shows at his age. Touma, intending to audition for the role of the Masqueraider lead, promises Riku that the next time they meet, he'll be a hero. However, Touma's audition doesn't go as desired, and he is instead cast in the role of the stage show's villain Genome Bull. As a result, Riku mocks Touma again.

During the third and final of Touma's side stories, Riku is kidnapped by Abel and taken to the top of Illusory 106. The corrupted Mirage intends to drain the boy's Performa, but after Abel is defeated and purified, he chooses to protect Riku and becomes his Mirage partner. The experience leaves a profound impact on Riku, who begins to believe in heroes again and shows his gratitude toward Touma.

Should all of Touma's side stories be completed, it is revealed in Touma's epilogue text that Riku eventually becomes his co-star in his action films when he grows up.


Riku is a sullen, bitter young boy that refuses to believe in heroes. He finds programs like Masqueraider a waste of time.

As Touma's side story progresses, it is revealed that the reason Riku stopped believing in heroes was due to the divorce of his parents and his transfer to a new school, where he was mercilessly bullied. Touma feels a connection with him in that respect, as his childhood was much the same way.

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Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE

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Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE