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“The Daein army takes to the field and deals a heavy blow to the army of the Laguz Alliance. This sudden aggression shocks the Alliance like a lightning bolt on a clear day. With their only avenue of retreat blocked, the forces of the Laguz Alliance begin to despair. As the last shred of hope is fading, Skrimir appears before his troops and rallies them on, bolstering their failing strength. Gallian morale is further improved by the appearance of Tibarn and Ike's forces, who aid the beast army with talon and steel.”
—Opening narration

Rivals Collide is chapter 3-7 of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. you are taken to the same map you just completed in A Reason to Fight only without the Fog of War. You play as the Laguz Alliance and face the Dawn Brigade, Daein units, and The Black Knight. You can recruit several people (Jill and Zihark). To win you must survive twelve turns. In a certain number of turns, Ulki and Janaff will appear. After the battle you see a coversation between King Pelleas and Vice-minister Lekain

  • Ike or Ranulf dies


During the conversation between Pelleas and Lekain, we discover the reason why Daein is fighting along Begnion. It is, in fact, the Blood Contract Pelleas signed.

This is considered a relatively easy chapter, and most players decide to recruit Jill, although strategically it is better to leave her as is. Also, the mounted units like Titania and Oscar are almost worthless because they can't cross more than a single square of water. If the player causes a fight between Ike and the Black Knight and both survive, you can accomplish one of the various requirements to recruit Sephiran later on the game and see the full story (This is easier if Ike is given the Celerity skill, taken off from Tormod and given to Ilyana's inventory). However, one of the other conditions is to be playing on a second round archive and have used the Black Knight during the last chapter of Part 1.


Base Conversations[]

Name Value Requirement Obtain
Catfight *** Kyza and Lyre are both alive Howl


Bonus Experience[]

  • 5000 Clear (Easy/Normal)
  • 2500 Clear (Hard)
  • Friendly Army Fought (Experience gained by Other units)


  • It is safe to defeat any members of the Dawn Brigade. They will not die.
  • Jill can be recruited from Daein's army into Ike's army if spoken to by Haar or Mist (assuming that Mist and Jill's bond support was transferred over from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance).
  • Zihark can also be recruited into Ike's army if spoken to by Lethe or Mordecai. He can also be recruited by Ilyana or Brom if he has a bond support with one of them that is transferred over from Path of Radiance.
  • If the player removes all weapons from one or all Dawn Brigade members prior to this chapter, the party member or all of them get automatically new weapons equipped. Should the player let Ike meet the Black Knight and Soren Micaiah, it's advisable to give one of them the Nihil skill. The player should also remove all good weapons of some Dawn Brigade members and replace them with weak weapons while playing the "A Reason to Fight" chapter. After the chapter was finished, their current weapons get carried over to the next chapter, making it easier to fight the Dawn Brigade members.