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Rivough is a location featured in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War and mentioned in Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. A former sub-kingdom of Isaach, it was located in Jugdral.

According to Ayra, sometime before the start of Genealogy of the Holy War, Rivough decided to invade and massacre citizens of Grannvale living at Darna, located in the Aed Desert. The people of Grannvale were outraged, and public opinion there strongly favored war with King Mananan and his Kingdom of Isaach. Mananan learned of the misinformation surrounding his kingdom's involvement in the massacre, and swiftly led his troops to bring ruin to the "barbarians" of Rivough. Afterwards, he arranged a meeting with Grannvale's Prince Kurth in an attempt to explain what had happened. Unfortunately, the Grannvaleian Dukes Reptor and Lombard killed both Mananan (outraging Isaach) and Kurth, pinning the blame for the prince's death on Duke Byron. This caused Prince Mariccle of Isaach to lead his remaining troops into battle against Grannvale's main force in order to avenge his father's death, eventually setting the stage for the war between Isaach and Grannvale.

In Thracia 776, Galzus, revealed to be Rivough's lost prince, decides to enact revenge for his kingdom's destruction, but he later decides to abandon this idea after retaking Munster Castle.

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