Intro Cutscene  Edit

  • "Now, then... let's see what you can do!" (Male)
  • "Now, then... I hope you're ready for me!" (Female)

Start of battle lines

  • ”This battle is meaningless...”

Switching to Character  Edit

  • "Allow me."

When near Ally

  • "All right. Let's do this!"

Ally Assist  Edit

  • ""

Critical Lines Edit

Alone Edit


  • "Prepare yourself!"


  • "Here's how it's done!"
  • "I have a plan!"
  • "We will win this!"

Dual Strike Lines (neutral) Edit

As Vanguard

  • "Let's finish this!"

As Support

  • "I'm ready."

Dual Strike Lines (special) Edit

With Camilla Edit

With Camilla as Vanguard

  • ""

With Camilla as Support

  • Camilla: "I need you, Robin..."
  • Robin: "I'm here, Camilla!"
With Chrom Edit

With Chrom as Support

  • Chrom: "Anything is possible, as long as we stand together!"
  • Robin: "Then we have nothing to fear!"

With Chrom as Support (Support Level A+)

  • Chrom: "Ready to end this, friend?"
  • Robin: "I'm ready!"

With Chrom as Vanguard

  • Robin: "Let's sync our tasks!"
  • Chrom: "Together, we shall not fall!"

With Chrom as Vanguard (Support Level A+)

  • Robin: "Now, Chrom!"
  • Chrom: "Got it! Let's go Robin!"
With Lucina Edit

With Lucina as Support

  • Lucina: ''''
  • Robin: ''''

With Lucina as Vanguard

  • Robin: "Are you with me, Lucina?" OR "This is for Chrom!"
  • Lucina:"We can do it together!"
With Frederick Edit

With Frederick as Support

  • Frederick: ""
  • Robin: ""

With Frederick as Vanguard

  • Robin: "Let's go, Freddy Bear!"
  • Frederick: "I'll have you use my proper name, ROBIN!"
With Tharja Edit

With Tharja as Support

  • Tharja: "Enemies of Robin will be obliterated!"
  • Robin: "Hang on! Let's take them together, Tharja!"

With Tharja as Vanguard

  • Robin: "Tharja! Let me borrow your power!"
  • Tharja: "Anything for you, my one and only!"

During Battle Edit

Facing Frederick

  • Frederick: "Robin, I will do you the honor of trying my hardest to kill you."
  • Robin: "Thank you...I think?"

Praise Lines Edit


  • "Impressive!"
  • "I like what you did there!"
  • "You'll lead this army to victory!"

To Celica

  • "Another charming performance, Celica!"

To Frederick

  • Robin: "You deserve some bear meat for that, Frederick!"
  • Frederick: "What does one have to do with the other, Robin?! Leave bear meat out of this!"

To Lissa

  • "You're so kind to come, Lissa!"

To Tharja

  • Robin: "Incredible, Tharja! With you here, no enemy poses a threat!"
  • Tharja: "Heehee…If it's for you, Robin, my power is infinite."

Praise Reply

  • "Oh, it wasn't that big of a deal."

Defeating an Enemy Lines Edit

  • "I like those results!"
  • "Just doing my job!"
  • "Who's next?"
  • "Another commander down!"
  • "That's one way to do it."
  • "I am pretty good at this."

Defeating Chrom

  • "I guess luck was with me today, Chrom."

Defeating Lucina

  • "You did NOT make that easy, Lucina!"

Defeating Lissa

  • "Lissa... I never wanted it to end this way."

Facing Frederick

  • Robin: "Fighting you is going to require some focus, Frederick."
  • Frederick: "How so? You already know all of my weak points, don't you?"

Defeating Frederick

  • "I beat you, Frederick? There must be some mistake..."

Defeating Cordelia

  • "Good fight, Cordelia. Good fight."

Death Lines  Edit

Ally Robin

  • "I wish I could help...more..."

Enemy Robin

  • "I thought this would go differently."

Game Over Line

  • ”Defeat? Perhaps I was too optimistic.”

Stage Clear Line Edit

  • "Look what we've achieved!"

After Battle Edit

Victory Cutscene

  • "Thank you for this opportunity. The better tactician won." (Male)
  • "Thank you for this opportunity. The superior tactician won." (Female)

MVP Edit

  • "It feels good to be recognized."

Level Up Edit

  • "I'm showing progress!"
  • "I've made great strides!"
  • "Hah. It's a bit of an improvement."

Support Increased Line Edit

  • "I feel like I know you a little better now."

As Narrator Voice Edit

When Skipping a Cutscene Edit

  • "Sure you want to skip?"

When Giving a Submission Edit

  • "I've got the latest!"

When a Mission or Submission Succeeded Edit

  • "A successful mission!"

When a Mission or Submission Failed Edit

  • "

When Beating a Certain Amount of Enemies Edit

  • "I like those results!"

When Enemy Reinforcements Arrive Edit

  • "I spot enemy reinforcements!"

When a Fort Opens Edit

  • "The path opened."

When a Fort is in Danger Edit

  • "Quick! Shore up the defenses!"

When a Fort Falls Edit

  • "It fell?"

When a Summoner Summons More Troops Edit

  • "We need to turn the tide."

When the Player Runs Out of Inventory Space Edit

  • "Um, you can't hold anymore."

When the Player Earns a Badge Edit

  • "There's something new here . . ."

Call Outs/Greetings Edit

  • "There's nothing unheroic about taking a break."
  • "Is the light bright enough? Are you sitting too close to the screen? You've got to plan for these things."
  • (night) "If everything for tomorrow is in order, I think I'll just hit the hay."
  • (late night) "Can't sleep? Just do what I do; find a stack of old battle plans and have a good read."
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