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Rogue (ローグ rōgu) is an enemy-only class that appears in TearRing Saga: Berwick Saga.


Despite being first encountered very early in the game, Rogues are an uncommon enemy class. They are a criminally-aligned class and are mostly seen in bandit groups. However, some Raze Priests use them as foot soldiers, while a few are encountered as trespassers that must be fought when a thief or Axel searches a house. In combat, Rogues wield Forks, a subclass of the Spear weapon type.

Rogues have good HP stats and average to above average strength and agility stats, at the cost of poor defense. Exactly how dangerous a Rogue is depends on the Fork they have equipped. While the ones that wield the standard Pitchfork are mere fodder (due to the weapon's poor might and accuracy), the ones that don't are not, with the ones armed with the Heat Fork and Gull Fork being the most dangerous. Rogues armed with Gull Forks can be surprisingly lethal due to the weapon's higher accuracy and extra attack.

Flavor-wise, Rogues are characterized as unscrupulous farmers and are essentially an enemy-aligned parallel to the Farmer class.

Despite sharing its name with another class, they are not the same. The other class known as Rogue is instead a palette swap of the Chief class and is only used by named enemies. In the fan translation, this class is known as Scoundrel.


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