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“I know, I know. If my father hears me, I will be executed. But my fate has been sealed ever since I helped Princess Tia escape. That girl... She's unfathomable. Richard may believe he is using her, but it is she who is holding him in the palm of her hand. In time, he will follow the same fate as me.”

Ronald (ロナルド Ronarudo) is a non-playable character from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. He is the son of King Guiness of Istoria. He sees his father as a fool whose ambitions have caused the destruction of Istoria.

After Tia was taken as a prisoner by Istoria, Ronald allowed her to escape, causing him to be on poor terms with his father. In his introduction scene, he criticizes Guiness, who would execute him if he were to hear it. He also claims that while Richard thinks that he is using Tia, the truth is that he is being manipulated by her instead. When the Leda Alliance Army breaches his army's defenses at Marl Castle, Ronald and his remaining soldiers retreat and return to Istoria. He is never seen or mentioned again, so his fate remains unknown.