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“There are forms of beauty out there we don't even have names for. Unique, precious things. If I can show people even a little more of the diversity in the world, I'll be happy. It'll mean I've helped build a world where folks accept and appreciate each other's differences.”
—Rosado to Alear

Rosado is a character from Fire Emblem Engage. He is, unofficially, one of Hortensia's retainers.


Rosado is a royal knight from Elusia who hails from a village near the Lake of Mystery. He describes it as a place of wonder where things like beauty are not restricted by "silly expectations that comes with stuff like gender." Eventually enrolling into Elusia's academy, he befriended Hortensia and Goldmary. When Hortensia was summoned by King Hyacinth, Rosado took Goldmary with him and followed him with Hortensia back to Elusia Castle. Though he was not officially made a retainer to Hortensia by King Hyacinth, Hortensia treats him and Goldmary as such.

Rosado and Goldmary accompany Hortensia on her mission to steal the Emblem Rings from the Divine Dragon Alear. They are unsuccessful when they attack Alear's forces at the Firene-Brodia border and later during the attack on Destinea Cathedral. After the revival of the Fell Dragon Sombron, Hortensia spearheads an attack on Solm on her own, leaving behind both Rosado and Goldmary. After hearing word that Hortensia joined Alear's forces, Rosado and Goldmary pose as loyal Elusian soldiers and are able to steal the Ring of the Azure Twins. The two quickly head to the Azure Coast where they reunite with Hortensia and officially join Alear's army. Though Rosado returns the ring to Alear, they allow him to utilize its power in the ensuing battle.

Fell Xenologue

Anna fates portrait
"Just a minute! The following section contains spoilers. Viewing it will cost a lot. Are you prepared to pay for it?"
In the alternate universe, Rosado stayed behind so Hortensia can flee from the Corrupted. After his death, Hortensia's heart was in despair.
"End of spoilers. It's a pleasure doing business with you!"


Rosado is cheerful, positive, and an optimist who lives his life to the fullest by pursuing all things cute and pretty. He appreciates external cuteness, but believes that cuteness starts within one's self. Having been raised in a welcoming village, Rosado is not deterred by the views of how one should be by others by things like gender norms. While confident in his cuteness and does brag about it on occasion, he enjoys seeing the "cuteness" in others and is not bothered when people shine in his presence. He actively encourages it in some who do not see it in them like with Lapis and Louis.

Rosado has a talent for the arts and is a skilled sketch artist, able to quickly sketch a cute, flattering picture of Hortensia in a short session. He particularly loves drawing landscapes which evoke strong reactions in those who gaze upon them. This passion would become the foundation of his endings in Engage, where he becomes a renowned artist.


Fire Emblem Engage

Princess Hortensia's retainer. He loves cute things and always maintains a bright, positive attitude.

Base Stats

Starting ClassBattle Style
RosadoFE17SpriteWyvern KnightFlying
EmblemSkillsWeaponStarting Items
EirikaFE17SpriteEirikaFE17 Stunning Smile IconStunning Smile
FE17 Night and Day IconNight and Day*
FE17 Lunar Brace IconLunar Brace*
FE17 Sacred Twins IconSacred Twins*
FE17 Twin Strike IconTwin Strike*
FE17 LanceLance - B
FE17 AxeAxe - A
SteelGreataxeFE17SpriteSteel Greataxe
SilverAxeFE17SpriteSilver Axe

As an Enemy

Chapter 7: Dark Emblem
Starting ClassBattle Style
RosadoFE17SpriteWyvern KnightFlying
EmblemSkillsWeaponStarting Items
-FE17 Stunning Smile IconStunning SmileFE17 SwordSword - B
FE17 AxeAxe - A
SteelAxeFE17SpriteSteel Axe (Dropped)
Chapter 10: The Fell Dragon Sombron
Starting ClassBattle Style
RosadoFE17SpriteWyvern KnightFlying
EmblemSkillsWeaponStarting Items
-FE17 Stunning Smile IconStunning SmileFE17 SwordSword - B
FE17 AxeAxe - A
KillerAxeFE17SpriteKiller Axe (Dropped)

Growth Rates

HP Bld Str Mag Dex Spd Def Res Lck
75% 5% 45% 25% 40% 45% 30% 30% 20%


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Secret Book (Artwork)
Subjective: The following part of this article is based upon the editor's personal experiences and opinions, and therefore may not be applicable for all readers.

Rosado joins at the end of the Solm arc and is the ''last'' of the royal retainers the player obtains. His overall growth rates are some of the best in the game, being both high and well-distributed, with strong HP, Dexterity, and Speed growths coupled with the tied-highest Strength growth in the entire cast. While promising excellent lategame potential, these growths are unfortunately completely let down by his base statistics, which are worse than many characters introduced much earlier than him. In particular, his starting 16 base Strength is very low for his class, level and join time, lower than many relatively tanky units such as his companion Goldmary, who herself does not have stellar Strength. Compounding this is his very poor base Build of just 8, meaning he will be weighed down by the majority of Axes and Lances that he can wield. His starting Speed is salvageable and he will eventually become fast enough to outspeed most enemies after a few levels, but he will be unlikely to be able to wield very many heavy weapons to do so, and he will take significant time and effort to catch up regardless.

Rosaado's starting class, Wyvern Knight, is one of the strongest in Engage, with good class bases, growths and solid command of the Weapon Triangle, and as such, if the player is intending to make him work as a combat unit, there is usually no need to class him out of it, though there is value in reclassing him to a Sword variant instead of lances or axes to suit his Build better. If a combat role is not needed, his starting SP of 1800 can also allow him to become a reasonably strong Chain Attack support unit as a Hero or Warrior with relatively little investment, though this niche is easier to fill with Goldmary, who already begins as a Hero just two levels away from Brave Assist.

Rosado begins wielding the Ring of the Azure Twins, but makes poor initial use of the ring due to his Speed being impacted so heavily by his Build. If given a lighter weapon, it can help to compensate for his low Strength, but otherwise makes no particularly standout use of it. For other Emblem Rings, the Ring of the Sage Lord goes some way to fixing his low Build, allowing him access to stronger weapons to compensate for his low starting strength. The Ring of the Young Lion is also an interesting option on him, as not only does he enjoy the ring's high Strength bonuses, but his high growth rates pair well with the Engage skill Rise Above.

Overall, Rosado unfortunately does not match up to the high standards set by many of the preceding pre-promoted units before him. His high growth rates and good starting class means he is not unsalvageable, but his low base stats mean he is not a match for stronger units statistically at almost any point in the game. He can be a reasonable filler unit or replacement, but otherwise is generally overlooked in most runs.

Gift List

Gift Name Type of Gift Description
Strong Perfume Favorite A small bottle of perfume made from the essence of fruit and flowers. Favored by fans of fashion.
Sun Visor Favorite The visor protects the face and neck from sunburn. Favored by fans of exercise and walks as well.
Lupine Flower Favorite This popular blossom is the national flower of Elusia. Favored by Elusian fans of flowers.
Flower Wreath Favorite A handmade wreath often displayed on doors or walls. Favored by fans of flowers and cute things.
Cute Apron Favorite A charming pink apron embellished with embroidery and frills. Favored by fans of cooking and cute things.
Bear Carving Favorite The realistic details make this wooden ornament shine. Favored by fans of animals and cute things.
Quality Kerchief Favorite A fancy handkerchief made from shiny, hand-woven cloth. Favored by fans of luxury, cleaning, and fashion.
Antler Earrings Favorite These eco-friendly earrings made from antlers shed by deer are popular in Solm. Favored by fans of fashion.
Playing Cards Favorite Picture cards used for various group games. Favored by children and fans of parties and games.
Landscape Art Favorite A postcard depicting a beautiful landscape. There's space to write a note. Favored by fans of nature.
Lovely Candle Favorite An exclusive candle etched by hand with an elaborate design. Favored by fans of fashion, luxury, and parties.
Large Plate Favorite A large and practical plate that holds food for multiple people. Favored by fans of cooking and parties.
Spirit Gem Favorite A gem that shines with many colors. Found only in the Somniel, especially near Sommie. Favored by all.
Philosophy Book Disliked A complex introductory text for students of reason and meaning. Favored by fans of studying.
Elyos History Disliked A thick book detailing the history of Elyos and its regions. Favored by fans of reading and studying.
Horse Manure Disliked Ordinary horse manure. That's it. You could technically give it to someone, but why would you?

Fire Emblem Heroes

Adorable Artist
A soldier from the royal castle of Elusia and Hortensia's retainer. A talented painter and fashionista. Appears in Fire Emblem Engage.

Base Stats

Rarity: ✯✯✯✯✯

Rosado Heroes spriteTitle
Adorable Artist
Heroes Flying Flying
FEH skill offense Axe of Adoration
FEH skill special Glowing Ember
FEH Axe Axe


FEH skill offenseIron Axe---
Steel Axe---
Silver Axe---
Axe of Adoration-FEH Star Rarity 5FEH Star Rarity 5
FEH skill specialGlowing Ember---
BonfireGlowing Ember--
AFEH Earth Boost 1 Earth Boost 1--
FEH Earth Boost 2 Earth Boost 2FEH Earth Boost 1 Earth Boost 1-
FEH Earth Boost 3 Earth Boost 3FEH Earth Boost 2 Earth Boost 2-
FEH Earthwind Boost 3 Earthwind Boost 3FEH Earth Boost 3 Earth Boost 3FEH Star Rarity 5
BFEH Wyvern Flight 1 Wyvern Flight 1--
FEH Wyvern Flight 2 Wyvern Flight 2FEH Wyvern Flight 1 Wyvern Flight 1-
FEH Wyvern Flight 3 Wyvern Flight 3FEH Wyvern Flight 2 Wyvern Flight 2-
FEH Wyvern Rift Wyvern RiftFEH Wyvern Flight 3 Wyvern Flight 3FEH Star Rarity 5


Secret Book (Artwork)
Subjective: The following part of this article is based upon the editor's personal experiences and opinions, and therefore may not be applicable for all readers.
Base Kit
Skill Inheritance

Meet Some of the Heroes

Adorable Artist Rosado
Rosado adorable artist pop01 Rosado is a royal knight who serves Hortensia, the second princess of Elusia. He's a charming Hero who loves cute things above all else!
Rosado adorable artist pop02 In Rosado's eyes, cuteness is about more than just appearances—it's about things that are different or unique!
Rosado adorable artist pop03 Rosado became friends with Hortensia at an academy in the kingdom of Elusia. Apparently, when it was time for Hortensia to leave the academy and return to the castle, Rosado went with her as her retainer.
Rosado adorable artist pop04 Rosado serves so that he can see Hortensia's cute smile—and that smile is never far from his heart as he rides his wyvern, Camille, into battle!
Closely Associated Characters
Hortensia Second princess of Elusia and Ivy's younger sister. Though selfish, she loves her family and all of those close to her. The person to whom Rosado has sworn fealty.





Rosado/Heroes Quotes

Possible Endings

Adorable Artist Rosado
Rosado was dubbed a knight for his service. He traveled the land, seeking to destroy the Corrupted for good—resuming his studies only when that task was done.
Later in life, he earned further fame as an artist. A portrait of the royal family at their cutest still hangs in Elusia Castle.
Rosado and Alear
Alear became the new Divine Dragon Monarch. His/Her bonds with the rulers of each nation resulted in a lasting peace.
Rosado graduated from Elusia's academy and spent the rest of his life contributing to Lythos's art. A portrait of the two friends was put on display for millennia.

Choose Your Legends Placement History

Round Placement Character Version Votes


CYL8 30 CYL Rosado Portrait


Rosado is Spanish for pink and alludes to Rose, a type of flower.


  • Rosado's class when fought as an enemy during Chapters 7 and 10 is the Sword/Axe variant of Wyvern Knight, but for some reason when he joins the player's army, he switches over to the Lance/Axe variant of the class, nor does he have a starting sword proficiency for reclassing.
  • Rosado's ring size, according to the Ally Notebook, is 5.75 | L 1/4.
  • In bond conversations with Micaiah and Camilla, Rosado reveals that his wyvern is named Camille.
  • Rosado wears the female version of all the alternate outfits the Somniel has to offer. No other character can wear the opposite gender's clothing.
    • Furthermore, Rosado is the second playable character to wear traditionally feminine clothes, the first being Forrest.


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