The Rudol Gem (ルドルの宝珠 Rudoru no hōju) is a gem that is exclusive to Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. Originally a personal possession of Sephiran, the Rudol Gem is entrusted into the care of Sanaki in the penultimate chapter of Part 4, where it permanently secures a spot in her inventory. This item raises Sanaki's Defense by 10, an effect that is rather redundant, given the lack of enemies wielding physical weapons in the final chapter of the game.

Item Information[edit | edit source]

Name Uses Worth Effect(s) / Note(s)
Rudolgem.png Rudol Gem - - Increases its holder's Defense by 10.

Item Location[edit | edit source]

Method Location
Event Part 4: Rebirth 4 - End of chapter.
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