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“I've learned my lesson: A lion's cub is still a lion, and one cannot slay a lion with a clumsy scheme.”
—Rufus talking about Dimitri

Rufus is a character mentioned in Fire Emblem: Three Houses and an antagonist Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. He is the regent of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus in Imperial Year 1180, Grand Duke of Itha, older brother of the late King Lambert, and uncle to Crown Prince Dimitri.


Rufus was the firstborn son of a previous king of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus, but due to lacking the family's Crest of Blaiddyd, he was passed over in the line of succession. The Itha Plains was carved from House Blaiddyd's territory, of which Rufus was designated the Grand Duke, while his younger brother, Lambert, inherited the crown.

In Imperial Year 1176, Rufus conspired with Cornelia, Queen Consort Patricia, and the Western kingdom nobles unhappy with King Lambert's reforms to cause the Tragedy of Duscur, though he failed to eliminate his nephew, Dimitri, during the incident. As Dimitri was too young to ascend the throne, Rufus assumed regency for the Kingdom. During this interregnum, however, he was quietly dogged by rumors of his involvement in the assassination of his brother. The Kingdom declined under his rule, the negligent governance presumably attributed to his philandering habits. As a result, many subjects were unhappy, and pressured Dimitri to claim the throne prematurely. In 1178, Rufus also masterminded the Western Kingdom rebellion in another ploy to eliminate Dimitri, though it proved ultimately unsuccessful.

Though his attempts to assassinate the Crown Prince repeatedly fail, Rufus spends time to sow distance between Dimitri and others, like his peers or Rodrigue. His guards serve to personally watch, spy, bribe for and invade Dimitri’s privacy to maintain isolation and obtain information, with Dedue being one of few individuals not in his employment that is close to the prince. This was largely motivated by Rufus' fear of Dimitri plotting against him.

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It is revealed in Three Hopes that Rufus did indeed play a role in Lambert's death. This, coupled with learning of Dimitri's bloodlust during the rebellion, left him with a deep fear of his nephew not just taking the throne from him, but seeking retribution for his father's death.

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Rufus' regency continued through 1180, when Dimitri enrolled at Garreg Mach Monastery's Officers Academy to complete his education. He resents Dimitri and his position as Crown Prince, and avoids being involved in his nephew's life as a result.

Three Houses[]

Azure Moon/Verdant Wind/Silver Snow[]

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After the fall of Garreg Mach Monastery and Byleth's disappearance, Rufus is murdered by the Court Mage Cornelia. She then uses this to frame Dimitri for Rufus' death (claiming that he killed his uncle over the rumors about his supposed part in Lambert's death), branding the crown prince as a traitor to be imprisoned and executed for alleged regicide. She then declares Faerghus a vassal state of the Adrestian Empire. This plan fails, however, as Dedue breaks Dimitri out of prison, potentially at the expense of his own life, and Dimitri flees the nation. Subsequently, the western half of Faerghus submits to Cornelia's will, while the eastern lords of Gautier, Fraldarius, Charon, and Galatea continue to resist Cornelia over the course of the war.

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Crimson Flower[]

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Unlike in the above three routes, in Edelgard's route, the Church is driven away from Garreg Mach and takes refuge in Faerghus. As a result, Cornelia does not get the opportunity to kill Rufus and frame Dimitri. Rufus steps down as regent and Dimitri steps up to inherit the throne after the Battle of Garreg Mach. What becomes of Rufus afterwards is unknown, however, it is implied that he is still alive in this route, as Dimitri states that even if he dies, the royal bloodline will live on, suggesting that Rufus is alive.

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Three Hopes[]

After Monica is rescued and "Tomas" is driven out of the monastery, Rufus seizes control of Fhirdiad and begins orchestrating a purge of House Fraldarius with the pretext of a corrupted intent to install Dimitri as a puppet king. Though Dimitri sends a letter to Rufus encouraging a peaceful resolution of Faerghus' power struggle, Rufus deigns to respond to the letter and tears it up, claiming that his nephew does not expect a response. After the ensuing battle, Rufus is captured for interrogation, and subsequently executed for treason.


  • "Go. Crush the enemy like insects."
  • "I suppose I have no choice but to fight."
  • "I suppose I'll give it a go."
  • "I am here to assist."

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Rufus is a Roman cognomen meaning "red-haired" in Latin. Thierry is a name of French origin meaning "ruler of the people". Blaiddyd is the moniker of a legendary Brittonic king who encouraged the practice of necromancy, the name means "Wolf-lord" in Welsh.


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