Ally Ryoma Edit

Prologue Edit

Vs. Xander Edit

  • Ryoma: I demand to know why you Nohrian dogs are invading Hoshido! Was that cowardly attack on my people your doing as well, princeling?
  • Xander: ...I have nothing to say to you. Surrender now. If you die here.

Chapter 4 Edit

“Hold strong, Sisters! I'm coming for you!”
—Ryoma's Chapter 4 quote to his sisters before battling Faceless

Chapter 5 Edit

Vs. ??? Edit

  • Ryoma: Vengeance will be mine... Prepare to die!
  • ???: Heh. Heh. Heh...


  • Ryoma: You can kill me, but you cannot kill the spirit of Hoshido!
  • Sakura: Brother, no! You have to step back! We can't afford to lose you...
  • Ryoma:'re right. I'll retreat for now...

Revelation Chapter 23 Edit

Vs. Scarlet Edit

  • Scarlet: ...
  • Ryoma: This feels so familiar. that you, Scarlet? No, it can't be... This may be Scarlet's form, but the woman herself is long gone. Even knowing that, I... I can't... Forgive me, Scarlet. At the very least, I will give you peace...

Revelation Chapter 25 Edit

Vs. Sumeragi Edit

  • Sumeragi: Ryoma, my eldest son... My pride... I hunger for the glory of a battle between us. I expect nothing less than your best-you will be getting mine!
  • Ryoma: My father... was a respectable man, a just king, and a true samurai. You, fueled only by a lust for battle and glory, are not that man. I will destroy you for pretending to be him!

Enemy Ryoma Edit

Conquest Chapter 6 Edit

“I will not allow a filthy Nohrian to sully my honor!”
—Ryoma's Conquest Chapter 6 pre-battle quote

Vs. Corrin Edit

  • Ryoma: Corrin! Do not allow them to fool you a moment longer. There's still time... Come back to your true family, where you belong!
  • Corrin: I'm sorry, Ryoma. I'm afraid that's not possible. I've made up my mind. I'm staying with Xander and my Nohrian siblings.
  • Ryoma: Very well. Although it pains me, I see you cannot be dissuaded. In that case, I have no choice but to drag you back to Hoshido by force!

Defeated Edit

“Damn! I'll have to withdraw for now... This isn't over, Corrin!”
—Ryoma's Conquest Chapter 6 defeat/retreat quote

Conquest Chapter 12 Edit

“Return Corrin to me or feel the wrath of my blade!”
—Ryoma's Conquest Chapter 12 pre-battle quote

Vs. Corrin Edit

  • Corrin: I'm sorry Ryoma, but you know I can't go back to Hoshido with you. Though it pains me, I will not hesitate to strike you down to save my sister.
  • Ryoma: Your sister? Hmph. So you still think of the Nohrian royals as your true family.
  • Corrin: ....
  • Ryoma: If you only knew what it would mean to us to have that place in your heart....It's not too late for that. I won't give up on you, Brother/Sister. Never. That's why I must win this battle and take you back to Hoshido! Let us begin!

Vs. AzuraEdit

  • Ryoma: Azura... Hinoka and Takumi told me you were fighting with the enemy. I had to see it with my own eyes to believe it. What a pity. I suppose the Nohrian blood flowing in your veins lends itself to betrayal..
  • Azura: Think of me what you will, Ryoma. But know that I am, and ever shall be, grateful for my time in Hoshido. I'm especially grateful for your family, who raised me as their own. That includes you too, Ryoma. You were like the brother I never had.
  • Ryoma: Azura... Leave it to you to craft such a lovely farewell. I wish I could forget our time together. It would make this a lot easier. But enough with farewells. Let us battle!

Defeated Edit

“Not again! We'll have to...retreat...”
—Ryoma's Conquest Chapter 12 defeat/retreat quote

Conquest Chapter 25 Edit

“Only an honorless boor would interfere with a duel!”
—Ryoma's Conquest Chapter 25 pre-battle quote

Vs. Corrin Edit

  • Ryoma: It's time, Corrin. Show me the power you used to slay our sister! Or does the Yato repel at your touch now that your heart and soul are dead?
  • Corrin: Ryoma, stop this. I don't want to fight you! I can explain all of this, even Hinoka. Please, listen to me!
  • Ryoma: Ha! As though I would allow you to distract me with false remorse. How dare you pretend to be my brother/sister after killing Hinoka! You are nothing to me. Just a filthy coward like the rest of your kingdom. I have said all I wish to say to you. Nothing you can do will sway me. You are no brother/sister of mine, Nohrian prince/ss! Watch my blade take back whatever Hoshidan blood remains in you!
  • Corrin: Ryoma! No!!

Defeated Edit

“My kingdom... My honor... All is lost...”
—Ryoma's Conquest Chapter 25 defeat quote

Revelation Chapter 6 Edit

“Get out of my way! I need to settle things with Nohr.”
—Ryoma's Revelation Chapter 6 pre-battle quote.

Vs. Corrin Edit

  • Ryoma: Corrin... Are you sure you won't return with us to Hoshido? You risk getting yourself killed by taking this neutral position!
  • Corrin: That could very well be true... But I've made my choice—there's no turning back now!
  • Ryoma: I won't give up on you, Corrin! If it means I have to drag you back, kicking and screaming, then so be it!
  • Corrin: Ryoma!

Defeated Edit

“Ugh... I'll have to retreat for now... Corrin...”
—Ryoma's Revelation Chapter 6 defeat/retreat quote

Revelation Chapter 13 Edit

“Meeting on the battlefield—you weren't expecting a warm welcome, were you? I won't hold back, regardless of who I am facing. If you wish to beg for your life, now would be a very good time.”
—Ryoma's Revelation Chapter 13 pre-battle quote

Vs. Corrin Edit

  • Ryoma: Corrin. Here we are again, and still you are my enemy.
  • Corrin: Ryoma...It's true that I still haven't chosen a side. But that's because I believe we can work together for a different cause. We don't have to fight Nohr, and we don't have to fight one another!
  • Ryoma: Don't be foolish. You're asking me to abandon Hoshido. I cannot do that. I would never... I couldn't face Queen Mikoto if i did!
  • Corrin: ...Ah!
  • Ryoma: Return to Hoshido, Corrin! I'll bring you back by force if I have to!
  • Corrin: Please, Ryoma! Stop! This can't be what Mother would want!

Vs. Kagero Edit

  • Ryoma: Kagero.
  • Kagero: Lord Ryoma, I'm so glad to see you're alive!
  • Ryoma: Indeed I am. And it appears you were able to tell everyone where I was going. I don't recall asking for you to bring an enemy army with you, though.
  • Kagero: Lord/Lady Corrin is not leading an army of enemies, milord. He/She can't go into detail yet, but... I feel that he/she knows something.
  • Ryoma: It doesn't matter. Kagero. Anyone who doesn't side with Hoshido is the enemy. What will you be?
  • Kagero: I... will defeat the real enemy and seek out the truth.
  • Ryoma: I see... If you're so convinced you're right, then ready your weapon! Prove your resolve to this new path and cross swords with your liege!

Vs. Saizo Edit

  • Saizo: Lord Ryoma...
  • Ryoma: You would point your blade at me, Saizo? Have you truly joined Corrin and betrayed your liege?
  • Saizo: No. My loyalty lies with you and you alone. However I feel that you are blinded to the real enemy among us... I do not think I am betraying you now. My actions will show you...
  • Ryoma: Hmph... So even you have had your heart swayed by Corrin.
  • Saizo: That may be the case. In time, yours will, too. I must get past you though. The fate of this town requires it. Please, find it your heart to forgive me for what I must do...

Defeated Edit

“Ugh.. You've defeated me... Do you really believe that there is another force at play here...?”
—Ryoma's Revelation Chapter 13 defeat/retreat quote

My Castle Edit

Castle Grounds Edit

Alone Edit

  • "I feel stronger than usual. Justice will be served today!" (surge)
  • "I have seldom felt more at one with my weapon." (weapon exp)
  • "Hmm? What's this?" (item)
  • "Sometimes the right gear makes all the difference. Don't you agree?" (accessory gift)
    • "This is for me? How thoughtful! Thank you, Corrin." (accessory gift received, loved)
    • "This is a fine gift, Corrin. I'll be sure to repay the favor." (accessory gift received, liked)
    • "I don't like to make a big deal out of my birthday. But... thank you." (friendship birthday present)
    • "Thank you, Corrin. I look forward to a lifetime of celebrating with you!" (married birthday present)
    • "Are you sure you didn't mean to give this to someone else?" (accessory gift: bath towel)
  • "Oh, Corrin. I didn't see you there. How are you doing today?" (idle)
  • "Thank you for your counsel, Corrin. I appreciate your hard work." (idle)
  • "I'm gathering intelligence for our next battle. Let me know if you can help." (idle)
  • "Great work today. Now, rest up! You need to recover." (idle)
  • "Ah, Corrin. I was about to go train. Care to join me?" (idle)
  • "Welcome, stranger. Please make yourself at home in our realm." (visiting another castle)

Asking - Normal Edit

  • "We face a difficult road ahead. Will you fight with me in the next battle?" (team up)
  • "What do you do when you have free time? It's a novel experience for me." (free time)
  • "Tell me, how do you spend your free time?" (free time)

Replying - Normal Edit

  • "Of course. Together, may we restore peace to this world." (team up)
  • "When I am not training my body, I am training my mind with quiet meditation." (free time)

Asking - Married Edit

Replying - Married Edit

  • "You can count on me to return safely." (promise)

Private Quarters Edit

Friendship Edit

  • "This is good timing, Corrin. I wanted to go over these maps with you." (Invite)
  • "I'm glad you called, Corrin. I wanted to show you a new sword technique." (Invite)
  • "I take it you need some advice. You can ask me anytime. I'm glad to help." (Invite)
  • "Oh, you're both here? Good. I wanted to discuss this with the two of you." (Invite - Married)
Bonding Edit
“It's nice to get a little quiet time together like this.”
—One of Ryoma's friendship bonding quotes
“I'm glad you invited me here. I really needed a break.”
—One of Ryoma's friendship bonding quotes
“This has been fun, but I should get back to my training.”
—Friendship bonding quote
“Our bond is stronger than iron. I will always fight by your side.”
—Friendship rank-up quote

Lovers Edit

  • "Welcome home, Corrin. Let's spend the whole day together, shall we?" (Entrance)
  • "Welcome back. Not even a victory in battle feels as good as welcoming you home." (Entrance)
  • "Where have you been, dear? I've been waiting for you." (Entrance)
  • "Gods, was I asleep? I mustn't let my attention lapse like that!" (Awakening, Good)
  • "YAHH! Who are you? What is the meaning of this?'s you. Be careful next time!" (Awakening, Bad)
  • "Welcome back, Corrin. Sometimes, I wish I could steam all day..." (Cool Down, Entrance)
  • "Ah, there's nothing like a little breeze after a good, hot bath." (Cool Down, Good)
  • "Welcome back. I'm grateful for everything you do for me. Please, take these flowers." (Flowers)
  • "I wish I could stay a little longer. But heavy lies the royal chin armor..." (Exiting)
Bonding Edit
“I cherish every moment we have together, my dear.”
—One of Ryoma's married bond quotes
“I love you, please don't ever leave me alone.”
—One of Ryoma's married bond quotes
“Kiss me, you fool. Heh, sorry. I don't know what came over me.”
—Ryoma's kiss quote.
“We'll be together forever. I...I can't lose you.”
—Ryoma's married rank up quote

Armory Edit

“Welcome to the armory. Let me know if you need any advice.”
—When entering his shop

Goods Edit

“I urge you to buy any item that you think will ready us for success.”
—When entering the shop
“For me? I can't give you a discount, you know.”
—Buying something for him while he's on duty
“I'll gladly accept anything you want to buy me.”
—Buying something for him
“Sorry, I can't give you a special deal.”
—Selling one of his items while he's on duty
“It is wise to keep only the essentials.”
—Selling his equipment

Smithy Edit

“Welcome. It will be my honor to forge you stronger weapons.”
—When entering the smithy
“Soldiers can be forged just like a weapon.”
—When forging one of his weapons
“I'll reforge any of my weapons you deem weak.”
—Reforging his weapons while he's on duty

Lottery Shop Edit

“Welcome. Please be responsible.”
—When entering the shop
“Wow, I've never seen anyone hit the big jackpot like that.”
—Winning the Jackpot.
“Ah! That's not bad at all. I hope you find your prize useful.”
—When winning the silver ball
“There are better prizes, but there is always next time.”
—When winning the wooden ball

Arena Edit

“The arena is a great place to test one's skill in battle.”
—When entering the Arena
“I'll lend you my strength. Let's give this everything we've got!”
—Assisting another character
“I expected nothing less.”

Accessory Shop Edit

“Sorry, I'm afraid I don't know much bout the accessories for sale.”
—When entering the shop
“Was there anything else you needed?”
—Before leaving the shop

Mess Hall Edit

“I'll be cooking for you today. All I have to do is follow the recipe, right?”
—When entering the mess hall
“Very well. I'll get started on your order.”
—Before cooking
“I'm quite proud of this dish. Please, tell me what you think.”
—After cooking (successful)
“I tried something different with this meal. What does everyone think?”
—After unsuccessful cooking
“I've never tasted anything like that before! I hope you make it again sometime.”
—After eating good food
“That was satisfactory, but I've certainly had better.”
—After eating decent food
“*pfft* Are you actually trying to poison me?”
—After eating bad food

Prison Edit

“Did you need something? It's not good to come here unless you have to.”
—When entering the prison
“I'll see what I can do.”
—Before persuading a prisoner

Hot Spring Edit

“Leaving, are you, Corrin? No matter—let's talk another time.”
—Upon entering after Male Corrin has been there a while
“Ahh. Nothing like a hot bath to really relax the muscles.”
—Conversing with the Male Corrin
“Was I taking too long in here? Sorry Corrin... I'll be done soon.”
—When entering as the Female Corrin (unmarried)
“We finally have a chance to relax together. Let's sit back and enjoy it.”
—When entering as the Female Corrin (married)
“Agreed. There are few indulgences I enjoy more than a hot steam.”
—Replying to the Female Corrin (married)

Einherjar Shop Edit

“I mistrust Einherjar magic, but I must concede the usefulness of additional allies.”
—When entering the shop

Gathering Spots Edit

“Grinding your own soybeans builds character. You should try it.”
—Spoken to at a bean field
“You can never have too much rice. But…I actually have too much right now.”
—Spoken to at a rice paddy
“Ah, there's nothing more nourishing than fresh milk. Who wants some?”
—Spoken to at a dairy
“Look at the size of this fish. I can't possibly eat it all myself.”
—Spoken to at a fishing hole
“If it is true that we are what we eat, then I am made of very strong vegetables!”
—Spoken to at a daikon garden/cabbage patch
“Are you getting enough fruits and berries in your diet? Here, take these.”
—Spoken to at a peach orchard/berry field
“Here, take this. Battle takes a heavy toll, so it’s important to eat well and recover.”
—Spoken to at a hunting forest
“Wheat was a part of your diet in Nohr, right? Here, take this. I have no use for it.”
—Spoken to at a wheat field
“That dip in the spring was refreshing. Oh, I found some ore, too.”
—Spoken to at a Hoshidan spring
“Ore has been washing up to the edge of the spring today. See for yourself!”
—Spoken to at a Hoshidan spring
“This ore is from the bottom of the spring. Please take it, if it's any use to you.”
—Spoken to at a Hoshidan spring
“Mining Nohrian ore is no easy task...”
—Spoken to a a Nohrian mine
“Here, take this ore. I would appreciate it if you crafted a fine weapon for my retainer.”
—Spoken to at a Nohrian mine
“Please, take a little food to sustain yourself. Travel can wear you down.”
—Spoken to at a food gathering spot (visiting another castle)
“Are you looking for ore? I've obtained some that I might be willing to share.”
—Spoken to at a mine (visiting another castle)

Corrin's Birthday Edit

  • "Happy birthday, Corrin. I hope we get a chance to celebrate together."

Level UpEdit

  • "I shouldn't brag. But this feels good." (6+ stats up)
  • "I'm ready to lead my kingdom!" (4-5 stats up)
  • "This will do for now." (2-3 stats up)
  • "I should have been more devoted." (0-1 stats up)
  • "I can't possibly get any stronger!" (0-1 stat up, most stats capped)

Class Change Edit

  • "My resolve remains unchanged!"

Confession Edit

“Our past may be broken, but our future is stronger than iron. Take my hand...”
—Ryoma's confession quote.

Roster Edit

This high prince of Hoshido and wielder of the legendary Raijinto. He follows the Bushido code and is quite hard on himself, much like his late father, Sumeragi. The worst at knowing when to quit. Born on 5/1.

Help Description Edit

The eldest prince of Hoshido. Wields the legendary blade Raijinto.

Final Chapter Edit

Endgame (Birthright) Edit

“Come on, Corrin... Wake up! I know you can do it!”
—Ryoma's final chapter quote.

Endgame (Conquest) (unused) Edit

“Corrin! Please, wake up! Don’t abandon us again!”
—Ryoma's final chapter quote.

DLC Pre-Battle QuotesEdit

Beach BrawlEdit

“I've been waiting for this. I won't give up. I won't give in. Now fight me. Any which way---I will still defeat you.”
—Ryoma's pre-battle quote
“The promise of that tropical island must have truly inspired you...”
—When defeated

Boo Camp Pre-Battle Edit

“I have never shrunk from a test of courage, not even at a young age. But I'd rather you didn't appear suddenly from behind to surprise me...”
—Ryoma's pre-battle quote.

Ghostly Gold Pre-Battle Edit

“I stayed up all night waiting for this! A true warrior doesn't need sleep...or breakfast...or his morning coffee. Grr!”
—Ryoma's pre-battle quote

Museum Melee Pre-Battle Edit

“I will not go easy on you, do you hear me? I'm going to take you all down! J-just don't take my Raijinto from me...”
—Ryoma's pre-battle quote

Anna on the Run Pre-Battle Edit

“I know they say everyone has his doppelganger somewhere in the world. But 14 identical men all in the same place is taking the idea too far! It makes me wonder how many doubles I have in the world... I can't imagine what my life would be were I to live together with them all.”
—Ryoma's pre-battle quote.

Battle Quotes Edit

Dual Support Edit

  • Ryoma dual show no mercy
    "Show no mercy!"
  • Ryoma dual come on
  • Ryoma dual i've got your back
    "I've got your back!"
  • Ryoma dual we can do this
    "We can do this!"
  • Ryoma dual steel yourself
    "Steel yourself!"
  • Ryoma dual stay alert
    "Stay alert!"
  • Ryoma dual i've been waiting for this
    "I've been waiting for this!"
  • Ryoma dual i welcome a challenge
    "I welcome the challenge."

Attack Stance Edit

  • Ryoma attack allow me
    "Allow me!"
  • Ryoma attack now face my wrath
    "Now face my wrath!"
  • Ryoma attack let me help
    "Let me help!"
  • Ryoma attack my strength is yours
    "My strength is yours!"
  • Ryoma attack i'll finish this
    "I'll finish this!"

Guard Stance Edit

  • Ryoma guard how naive
    "How naive!"
  • Ryoma guard stay out of this
    "Stay out of this!"
  • Ryoma guard not on my watch
    "Not on my watch!"

Critical/Skill Edit

  • Ryoma crit for the glory of hoshido
    For the glory of Hoshido...!”
  • Ryoma crit you deserve worse
    “You deserve WORSE!
  • Ryoma crit you die now
    You DIE... NOW!
  • Ryoma crit you have breathed your last
    "You have breathed your last!"

Defeated Enemy Edit

  • (Laughs heartily)
  • Ryoma You fought bravely
    “You fought bravely.”
  • Ryoma Here we go
    "Here we go!"
  • Ryoma I will not lose
    "I will not lose!"
  • Ryoma Sorry
  • Ryoma That was close
    "That was close."
  • Ryoma We re done here
    "We're done here."

Partner Defeated Enemy/When Healed Edit

  • Ryoma Well done
    "Well done!"
  • Ryoma That was close
    "That was close."

Defeated by Enemy Edit

  • Ryoma I m sorry

Death/Retreat Quote Edit

“I can't continue with these wounds... I'm sorry, Corrin. I must retreat.”
—Ryoma's retreat quote (casual)
“Ugh...I can't die here! I have to retreat...but my people still need me. I have no choice...”
—Ryoma's retreat quote (classic)
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