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SP Class is the collective term given to refer to the generic enemy classes that appear in Part 4 and the Endgame Rebirth chapters of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn.


While resembling regular Second Tier classes, they possess qualities of both Second Tier and Third Tier classes. Their class names and appearance match Second Tier classes, but their awarded experience, Skill capacities, and weapon proficiencies match Third Tier classes. The base stats and stat caps of an SP class are significantly higher then their regular counterparts, but fall slightly short of third tier caps. For example, An SP Warrior has a strength cap of 38, while a Reaver has a strength of 40, 2 stat points higher then the SP version.

SP Generals differ the most from their regular counterparts, in that that they can use Lances, Axes and Swords just like Marshall and unlike regular Generals.

SP Swordmasters, Halberdiers, and Warriors also differ in that they have the critical bonuses of their third tier equivalent, such as SP Swordmasters posssessing a Critical +20 just like Trueblade.

The largest difference between SP classes and their regular counterparts is they lack a base Mastery Skill, there is no chance of the aforementioned SP Swordmaster to activate Astra for example.

The name SP is derived from the game data. As for what it means, it is unknown, although "special" and "super" may come to mind.

Classes with an SP version


  • Druid is the only unplayable class to have an SP version.