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Sacae (サカ Saka) is the most easterly nation of Elibe. Its capital city is Bulgar. Founded by Hanon, the Divine Trooper, it is home to nomadic tribes in both Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade and Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade.


Situated south of Ilia and north of Bern, Sacae is generally a wide expanse of prairie, it is bordered to the north and south by mountains, with said mountains being home to bandits that cause problems to the inhabitants.


Though Sacae has the status of "a nation", there is no government, but rather consist of a number of nomadic tribes and the capital city of Bulgar. Said city is a major trade hub that connects Sacae to Etruria, Bern and Ilia. As a result, people from other nations also brought their influence with them, as evidenced by the large foreign manor occupied by Advisor Roartz located on the outskirts of the city.

The number of Sacaen nomad tribes is not precise, as Guy spoke of Kutolah as "one of the three Sacae tribes", but he later claims that he had never heard of the Lorca, implying its smaller size compared to the three tribes. Meanwhile, Sin questioned Fir whether she's "from the Bulgar or the Djute clan". This suggests that the Bulgar, the Kutolah, and the Djute were the three main Sacaean tribes in addition to a fairly large number of minor tribes.

Besides those aforementioned tribes, there existed an unnamed clan which remained isolated from the rest of Sacae, giving them a distinct culture that put more emphasis on sword arts over mounted combat or the worship of nature. They carry a type of sword known as the Wo Dao, which is exclusive to their clansmen. Mysteriously, their ancestors were theorized to hail from another landmass from beyond the seas.


The nomadic tribes typically dwell in a round, portable structure called ger; which can be dismantled and reassembled quickly. While many nomads travel constantly on the plains, there are some, such as those in Bulgar, who live in permanent settlements.

The Sacaens worship the Father Sky and Mother Earth and have an honorable belief in nature. Before starting a long journey, they would first stop by a shrine to pray for their safety.

Sacaens are known to never lie, and to always keep to their word. This makes common people trust Sacaens, as Lyn trusts the word of Uhai, her enemy. They are also known to be persistent with their generosity claiming it is against their nature to take back what has already been offered to someone, as shown by Rath when he insisted Lyn to accept his monetary assistance.

Some Lycian nobles exhibit racist behavior towards them, like Lundgren who believes Lyn to be unfit of claiming the throne of Caelin due to being half-Sacaen, or the Marquess of Araphen who openly belittles Lyn's heritage and loses Rath's trust because of such behavior.


The necessities of nomadic life have resulted in a small number of styles of combat becoming widely-practiced among the Sacaeans to the general exclusion of others. As the majority of Sacaen warriors are Nomads or Nomadic Troopers, out of a need for hunting, preferred forms of combat based on speed, while those who do not learn this chose to fight with swords, becoming Myrmidons and Swordmasters. In addition, a large number of Shamans and Druids were part of the Djute clan's forces. The only exception is the Mercenary Glass, fought in Lyn's story,

Notable Sacaens

Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade

  • Lyndis - A woman who grew up on the plains before learning she is a noble of Caelin from her mother's side.
  • Hassar - Lyn's father and chief of the Lorca tribe.
  • Rath - The son of the Kutolah tribe's chieftain, Dayan, who lives as a proud Sacaen warrior.
  • Guy - A swordsman and a member of the Kutolah tribe.
  • Uhai - One of the original members of the Black Fang. He is known as the Soaring Hawk.
  • Karel - A vicious Swordmaster known as the Sword Demon who seeks worthy opponents.
  • Karla - A traveling swordswoman in search of her brother whose impressive skills and good looks have enlivened many arenas.
  • Glass - Prideful swordsman fought as a boss in Lyn's Story.

Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade

  • Rutger - A swordsman from Bulgar who swore vengeance against Bern after they killed his people.
  • Sue - The daughter of Rath and granddaughter of Dayan, who hears the voices of the sky and earth and lives in harmony with nature.
  • Sin - Member of the Kutolah tribe.
  • Fir - A swordswoman and daughter of Karla and Bartre who travels in search of the best swordplay opponents anywhere.
  • Dayan - The Silver Wolf, chief of the Kutolah tribe and Rath's father.
  • Karel - A renowned swordmaster known as the Sword Saint. He has greatly changed from his days as the Sword Demon.
  • Monke - Chief of the Djute tribe who sided with Bern.
  • Thoril - Member of the Djute tribe.
  • Maral - Member of the Djute tribe.
  • Brakul - Member of the Djute tribe.
  • Kudoka - Member of the Djute tribe.
  • Kabul - Member of the Djute tribe.
  • Chan - Member of the Djute tribe.
  • Gel - A swordmaster defending Bulgar from the Etrurian Army.


Sacae is the Latinized version of Saka (the pronunciation which is kept in the Japanese version). It refers to the Persian name of an ancient Iranian people who founded the Indo-Scythian kingdom in modern-day India and Pakistan. In a broader usage from several nearby civilizations, the Saka (commonly known as "Scythians") were also a horse-riding people of the Central Asian steppes, similar to the in-game nomads of Sacae.


  • Green hair is common among Saceans, as five of the Sacaeans shown have green hair.
  • Some of the Sacaeans' names (more so in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade) are based on Mongol words and names of their historical figures, reflecting another horse-riding culture known as the Mongols. However, Kabul's name is the same as the name of the capital of Afghanistan.
  • They also have political functions similar to who is was common in various Eastern countries during the Feudal era such as Mongolia. They have no king or ruler of any sort, but are divided into various clans and tribes each lead by a chieftain. This is also made more referenced by how the majority of their military consists of mounted archers with some Far Eastern style swords used as secondary weapons.